Government Spending: A Novel Approach to Fixing the Economy

We were talking about faithless shepherds.

Politicians who sold out the American middle class…

Banks who stabbed their clients in the back…

Even the military, pretending to defend the country…it betrays the nation’s most sacred principles…

And here we have two shepherds in front of us. One of them is supposed to look after the whole flock of Americans. The other is supposed to protect their money.

Last night, the president came out with his jobs plan, as expected…and Mr. Bernanke shirked his duty, again.

All and all, it wasn’t a bad day. Two major public figures spoke — a President and a Fed Chief. One shepherd pretended to create jobs. The other pretended to boost the economy. Neither did lasting damage, as near as we can tell.

The Bloomberg report:

Policy makers “are prepared to employ these tools as appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery in the context of price stability,” Bernanke said today in a speech to economists in Minneapolis.

The Fed chief echoed points from his Aug. 26 speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, stopping short of signaling what he believes is the Fed’s best option to aid the economy. He said in previous remarks that the Fed’s measures to bolster growth include lengthening the duration of securities in its $1.65 trillion Treasury portfolio and buying more government bonds.

For his part, the president of the Americans proposed spending more money now…and paying for it later. Hey, that’s a novel approach! But it was neither here nor there. Spending more money is what the feds do anyway. And a few billion more or less isn’t going to make any difference. Except that, since every penny will be borrowed, it will leave the nation that much closer to bankruptcy. The poor lambs are going to get sheared.

So, things are as they should be. God is in his Heaven. The unfaithful shepherds are thick on the ground. And the Great Correction continues unmolested by them.

And more thoughts…

Stocks sold off yesterday. The Dow was down more than 100 points. Investors were hoping Ben Bernanke would throw them a bone. They were disappointed when he didn’t.

But people are getting used to disappointment. That’s what a Great Correction does. It demolishes hopes of easy money. Everything becomes hard…

Here’s The New York Times with more news:

…When people are anxious, they pull back, which leads to a cycle of hiring freezes and further anxiety that often lasts for months.

The United States appears to have entered some version of the vicious cycle. Most ominously, job growth has slowed to a pace that typically signals the start of a recession.

Over the last 50 years, every time that job growth has been as meager as it has been over the last four months, the economy has been headed toward recession, in a recession or in the immediate aftermath of one. From early 2010 through this spring, by contrast, employment was growing fast enough to make the economy look as if it were in a recovery, albeit a modest one.

“The chances that we are in something that is going to feel like a recession are close to 100 percent,” said Joshua Shapiro of MFR Inc. in New York…

Well, that was a sly way of getting around making an actual prediction. It may or may not be a recession…but it will certainly seem like a recession!

And finally, this…

CIA Has Become “One Hell of a Killing Machine,” Official Says
By Alex Newman

The Central Intelligence Agency continues to rapidly expand its global extrajudicial assassination program under the Obama administration, secretly murdering people with drones from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Somalia and Yemen. Even American citizens are fair game, according to the President.

The dramatic evolution of the agency’s priorities and operations has become so extreme that a former senior intelligence official told the Washington Post the CIA had been turned into “one hell of a killing machine.” The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the paramilitary transformation was “nothing short of a wonderment.”

But the dramatic metamorphosis, detailed in a recent exposé by the Post, entitled “CIA shifts focus to killing targets,” is hardly without critics. Some experts have even warned Congress that the illegal killings may constitute war crimes.

Thousands of suspected “militants” and civilians have been executed in drone strikes so far. At least 168 children were killed by such attacks just in Pakistan over a seven year period, according to a study released last month by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The real figure is probably even higher.

But few of the targeted suspects, if any, were formally charged with committing a crime before being blown apart — often with their entire families. Even fewer had been convicted in a court of law.


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Bill Bonner

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they will come after you if you dont keep your mouth shut bill


Yip that is why you dont see it in the US version

The “And More thoughts….” section is generally missing so the free press police cannot object to it, even though it right there in the first amendment


There was a documentary on ABC last week about ‘Secret America’ and reviewed the changes to the intelligence (oxymoron warning) services in the U.S since 11/9. (Yes I am English).

Apparently it has been on such an expansionary drive that it now (without budget oversight) employs 0.3% of the working population of the U.S.

Now I don’t believe everything I read or am presented with, but, if true, it is a shocking statistic.

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