Growth Opportunity in the ‘Other Thailand’ …Myanmar

Joel Bowman reckoning today from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Agora’s own globetrotting value investor, Chris Mayer, recently returned from a fact-finding expedition to the mysterious land of Myanmar, cut off to western investors for the past half century.

‘I found a place much more prosperous looking than official GDP figures and the like would indicate,’ Chris reflected in these pages last week. ‘Traveling here shows you how stupid US sanctions are, too.

‘It just meant that the Myanmarese cozied up more with the Chinese, who imposed no such sanctions. Nor did Thailand, which remains a big trading partner (and gets about 20% of its natural gas from Myanmar). Nor did India. The only thing US sanctions did (and continue to do) is handcuff US businesses from tapping into this market.

‘As far as investment ideas go,’ he continued, ‘I have a strong sense that this is a market where there must be a great opportunity somewhere. In the big-picture sense, the upside for Myanmar is clear.’

Chris Mayer sits down with the witty and insightful host of RT’s Capital Account, Lauren Lyster. Please enjoy…


Joel Bowman
for Markets and Money

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Joel Bowman
Joel Bowman is managing editor of Markets and Money. After completing his degree in media communications and journalism in his home country of Australia, Joel moved to Baltimore to join the Agora Financial team. His keen interest in travel and macroeconomics first took him to New York where he regularly reported from Wall Street, and he now writes from and lives all over the world.

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