He Was Right…

Mainstream Media may criticise him.

But he was right about many things over the years.

Of course, when navigating the economy and markets, it’s impossible to be right every time.

Yet his track record over the years for predictions that matter is nothing short of impressive.

The situation that’s playing out in Turkey is merely a symptom of a larger issue that the emerging world is yet to face.

It’s difficult to say what’s to come, and where this will all lead the US, along with the global economy.

Just as Harry predicted it would be.

Just as he urged people to get out of gold and silver before it plummeted.

Just as he warned against the crypto craze last December, stating that they were following a similar trend as internet stocks, which ultimately crashed.

These times are turbulent. And Harry’s done his part to help you avoid the pitfalls in the system.

And, as always, Harry has more to say…

Click here, or the video below, to hear his latest predictions.

Video of Harry Dent

Coty Poynter

For Harry Dent Daily

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