How America Was Lost

Today, we hold our hat in our hand; we bow our head…and let our mouth fall open in amazement. Our Lenten programme of fasting, prayer and meditation is producing results. We are lightheaded from near-starvation and alcohol deprivation. But our thoughts are clear. Or else, we are hallucinating.

We’ve taken a look at what promises to be the biggest bust-up of all time.

It began in stealth…when a small group of big bankers boarded an unlisted train in the middle of the night. They all knew each other. All were from powerful New York banking families. But they didn’t even use their own names when talking to one another… so afraid were they that word of their meeting would leak out.

Then, the strange little group travelled in complete secrecy, to a small island compound off the coast of Georgia. There, they could talk freely. But the conversation wasn’t about hunting or sports… or politics… or religion.

It was about how they could change the way America – and the world – does business. Every transaction – every purchase, every sale, every salary, every bonus, every investment gain or loss – everything – would be affected. Everything would change.

Then, still operating in near total secrecy, they got Congress to pass a law on Christmas Eve, when few members of Congress were at work and almost no one was paying attention – a law that would put vast new power in their hands. It must have been a bit like Obama’s healthcare plan. It changes everything, but few people read the law before voting on it…and almost no one knew what it would mean.

Now – 100 years later – it is not only the law of the land; we have become the Land of the Law. That is, this new law changed the way we keep score in life…in business… in investing. It also changed the face of the country. We are now a nation shaped by paper money… formed by easy credit and activist bankers… built on a dollar of no sure value.

It is a system that allows people – especially those in the federal government – to spend money they don’t have… on things they don’t need and can’t afford. More importantly, it makes it possible for them to transfer vast sums of money… and massive new powers… to themselves.

It is that system that has kept the typical worker’s wages flat for the last 40 years (easy money and nearly unlimited credit allowed Americans to buy what they needed from overseas manufacturers… and never have to settle up on the bill).

It is that system too that is responsible for electing presidents – such as Barack Obama himself, who without the support of this banking cartel would never have won the election in 2012. Americans go to the polls.

They think they decide who runs the country. But the real decision was made long ago. The real decision makers are people whose names few people know. If they decide to dump a president, his chances of re-election plummet. If they decide to stick with him – as they did with Obama – he is a near shoo-in.

Do you remember? Just a few months before last year’s election, stocks and houses were sinking and Obama was running behind in the polls. And then, things started going his way. His numbers started to look better. Housing began to stabilise. The stock market headed back up.

What happened?

The elite bankers – operating through the central bank that they own and control – announced more ‘stimulus’. And now they’re committed to a programme of ‘QE Forever’. As long as it takes. As much as it takes.

What did this mean, really? It meant that the Fed was printing money and giving it to its own cartel members. It didn’t go to ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses. It didn’t go to struggling households. It didn’t go to ‘rogue economists’.

No, it went to the big financial interests – the successors to the same fellows on the train 100 years ago. The movers and shakers in the financial world. The elite… the rich… the 1%. And it – more than anything else – determined the outcome of the 2012 election.

The popular press rant and rave about ‘the rich’, but they have no real idea what is going on. They think the Fed is trying to ‘stimulate’ the economy. They’re all for it. More money. More stimulus. More power to the activists.

But look what happened. The press reported a ‘recovery’ in housing. There was no such thing going on – not really. Instead, as revealed in this space, the big money was getting money – at virtually no cost, thanks to the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy – and using it to buy houses. Ownership was passing from the little guys to the big guys… from Main Street to Wall Street.

The big, well-financed players were buying up hundreds of thousands of houses… Yes, they were putting a floor under prices. But they were also shifting more wealth from middle America to the top of America.

And then Barack Obama – buoyed by a strong stock market… bottoming out housing prices… and phonied-up employment and inflation numbers – appealed to the little guy for his vote!

The whole show was breathtaking. The election was bought for him by the richest, most elite elements in the nation. And it was paid for with money that cost them nothing.


Bill Bonner
for Markets and Money

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Bill Bonner

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Le Petomane

I made a rare trip to Sydney City recently and a new ivory tower right in the center struck me with giant letters J P MORGAN on top. Next day I heard that the Vampire Squid had opened an office in Perth. And that US military had waltzed into northern Australia.
H.E.L.P. !!!


Well done Bill. There is a monopoly. Now more please, if only to irritate people in denial. As for the bankers what else can we expect. People may lust after power and control… history shows.


Amen Brother!


Bravo Bill. You have taken the gloves off and are naming one of the true, yet rarely talked about, sources of our ongoing economic malaise.


Which also must be understood in order to make some sense of the markets. A multi national monopoly is the market until a true black swan flies in ie not a manufactured crisis where monopolies grab more market share while an over-leveraged private sector is crushed. Without this aspect people will make free market type predictions (eg shorting banks and stocks) and wonder why things too often fall apart.


And the name of the island is Jekyll Island, and to round off the story, who are the Mr. Hydes now. To those who don’t know, google ‘The creature from Jekyll Island’, and all will be revealed.


There are lots of things lying around which help on this issue. I have forgotten what i saw exactly in the last link but it is just people talking about this subject in Australia in regard to Keating etc.

I don’t necessarily support anything people say in regard to the subject on the links provided. It just beats me how little people know/want to know about the system that they live in.


As far as Australia is concerned, the current government is and imposter corporation masquerading as the commonwealth government and is owned by America (district of Columbia (Pentagon)) which is an autonomous entity not ruled by the USA laws, the same as The City of London and the Vatican. Events in Australia should be viewed from this perspective. Australia is a puppet playing a supporting role in a bigger game subject to the rules of the controlling players.

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