How China Will Defeat the US

Don’t expect spending on the pentagon to decrease. Not with US national security at stake. And not with China posing an ever- greater threat.

An article by Yan Xuetong, translated from mandarin, tells “How China can defeat America.” The gist of Mr. Xuetong’s thought is that rising hegemons are a lot nicer than declining ones. Besides that, history is on the side of the rising power.

The US has become a tyrannical power, he insinuates, throwing its weight around wherever it can. China, on the other hand, is a helpful hegemon…a “humane authority.” While the US has military alliances all over the world…China has none. While the US has fought numerous wars over the last two decades, China’s military hasn’t been involved in conflict since 1984.

China has been preoccupied with her own internal issues…mostly related to employment and growth. But China’s economy grew 71 times faster than the US over the last 4 years. At that rate, it won’t be long before US output is actually lower than China’s.

Mr. Xuetong believes China should do as it did during the Tang dynasty, when it brought in foreigners as high ranking officials to help it take its place on the world stage.

No doubt there are other Chinese who are more hardnosed about it. Rarely does one empire give way to a successor peacefully. There are bound to be Chinese thinkers, whose works aren’t translated, who are speculating about how the Chinese can destroy the US in a real war. They’re surely devising a strategy…and developing new technologies…right at this very moment.

How could China defeat the US? Easy, it could spook US lawmakers like the super committee into spending more money…wasting more military resources…and driving the nation into bankruptcy. In short, it could just wait.


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I think it was Sun Tzu who laid out the strategy for winning a war, putting attacking your enemies army on the battlefield last on the list.

Jeremy Britton DipFA SA(Fin) AAHA HH Dip(PH)
Jeremy Britton DipFA SA(Fin) AAHA HH Dip(PH)

Terrific article that simplifies the complex. Almost ten years ago I wrote a book that predicted that China would beat the USA, economically and even militarily (Chinese soldiers would fight for $1/day, US ones for $300/day). I’m hoping that some US General reads this and thinks “I wonder what would happen if we stopped spending money on ‘defence’ and ‘pre-emptive strikes’ and sowed into education and business?” Keep up the good work!


What about China’s demographic time bomb? Forget the fact America could still nuke China into glass abd the effect of the oil peak on China and everyone else, Chuna kills off more and more female children each year, that combined with a falling birthrate means in fifty years or so China will be an empire of old men. Less female children means less future mothers each year, subreplacement birthrate that continues to fall. China will end up a very short term empire before the demographic disaster hits it for good.


How could China defeat the US?

Why would anyone think China or the US would want to defeat the other?

The real threat used to be a risk to do with the spread of communism. But that’s the past. China wants to become an economic powerhouse. For that to happen, it needs a strong US to continue buying Chinese goods.

The day the US stops doing that, China’s economy will go into a tail spin.


who owns the reserve bank of australia?
who owns the federal reserve of america?

US`s Asia/Pacific pivoting is a big mistakes and is a success for China. The aim for China is to win a fight without fighting. How? The planning did not happen yesterday, last month or 10 years ago but 30 years ago at least. It became very clear to China that US had this grand strategy of Asia/Pacific pivoting one day when US reverted the islands of Diaoyu/Senkaku islands back to Japan in 1973 disregard China`s protest. The blunt breach of trust and spirit of Cairo declaration and Potsdam proclamation was a kick to the chin of China. But it was… Read more »
Judging by the comments i read from ignorant brain dead westerners that occupy the internet today,the war has already been lost, Their comments are just too stupid not to be laughed at, “well nuke em, we’ll make em into a glass parking lot ” etc etc, these impotent rats have been drinking too much of their own propaganda booze to ever entertain the notion that one single nuclear warhead would be allowed to go off anywhere near the Eurasian continent without a crushing and instant reply from the interested parties, and i say parties, because there are more than one.… Read more »
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