Human Evolution is About Using Your Brain

Whoa! Your editor will do some serious placating today. Seems we upset not just one but TWO anthropologists yesterday, playing fast and loose with the facts about the Pleistocene and Mrs Ples. We’ll correct our errors and set the record straight in today’s Markets and Money. And we’ll take another look at human evolution.

Apologies to all the anthropologists out there who took issue with our description of what happened at the end of the Pleistocene epoch. We’ll go back and the textbooks. But one of the errors was a simple mistake.

We wrote that, ‘Poor old Mrs Ples may have had bad luck, but she reminded us of why her ancestors turned out to be so successful, at least in evolutionary terms.’ We meant descendants, obviously, and not ancestors. We were trying to point out that humans who followed Mrs Ples had a fighting chance in the world because they had a brain to think with.

It would probably have been easier to just show the image below. Evolution is about using your brain to survive the challenges of a dynamic world. It’s like what South African batsmen Faf du Plessis did to Australia yesterday during Day Five of the Second Test in Adelaide. He batted for 464 minutes and faced 376 balls while recording a score of 110 not out for his country.

As a baseball fan, we never thought we’d write this, but maybe this proves that cricket really is the height of human evolution. You play five days without a winner or loser. The match was a draw, but there was a lot of tension and a lot of skill on both sides, including a thrilling late-inning wicket from North Melbourne man Peter Siddle.

But it was an impressive display from du Plessis, whose name even evokes Mrs Ples a little. Knock back everything thrown at you and avoid getting killed for as long as you can. The quality of your effort is what will distinguish you. In the end, everyone loses their wicket anyway. But you might as well attack and defend with style and determination.


Dan Denning
for Markets and Money

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Le Petomane

He played with the confidence of a banker in a flea market, the Aussies never gave up to the last ball. 2 tests, 2 draws. There will be a result in Perth. Expect an accelerando.

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