Why the Insurance Australia Group Ltd Share Price Sank Today

Insurance Australia Group

What Happened to Insurance Australia Group Ltd’s Share Price?

Shares in the nation’s largest insurer to small and medium businesses, Insurance Australia Group Ltd [ASX:IAG], took a beating today, with the stock shedding 8.45% of its value. Today’s price action erases all the gains IAG shares have racked up over the past seven months.

Why Did This Happen to IAG Shares?

This morning IAG reported that net profit fell by 10% to $579 million in the six months ending 31 December 2014. Stiffer competition for customers’ business may have crimped IAG’s profit.

CEO Mike Wilkins highlighted the ‘significant progress in moving to our new operating model in Australia, and integrating the former Wesfarmers business. This ensures we can efficiently respond to the changing business environment, while also maintaining our strong underwriting discipline.’

The moves that Mike referred to seem to have kept a lid on IAG’s underlying margin, which is a key indicator of insurers’ profitability. The margin hit 13.3% for the period — a weaker result than the 13.7% achieved last year.

With few positive surprises in the result, investors saw little reason to bid up the shares today. When buying support erodes, stock prices of large-cap stocks like IAG can suffer sharp drops.

What Now for Insurance Australia Group Ltd?

IAG remains one of Australia’s strongest insurance groups. Its brands, which include CGU and NRMA, are successful…and the company’s profit margins on insurance premiums are still enviable.

IAG still has scope to boost margins and profitability as it integrates the former Wesfarmers business. Its interim dividend of 13 cents per share seems healthy enough to attract investors who seek income.

Today’s outsized pullback could represent an opportunity for you to buy into a good operator at a more reasonable price. But if you seek explosive gains from small firms before they hit mainstream investors’ radars, go here to find out more.

Cheers, Tim Dohrmann
Small-Cap Analyst, Australian Small-Cap Investigator

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slewie the pi-rat

the company had a performance swoon over 6 months [plus market action of: stock price gains of 7 months taken down] and duly reported are Management’s bromides, platitudes, and cliches.

high returns on this “financial” are no longer low-hanging fruit?
the danger, of course, is that this performance dip has gotten worse in the six weeks since December 31?
in which case the stock may develop another case of the vapours?

someone should choreograph this and set it to music.
like an old-time movie.

Could it be that the market is reading that collision claims per 100k of policies is on the decline and will continue to do so as telematics, anti collision systems and self driving cars fast approach. You can’t charge current premiums if the risk is diminishing, so the days of IAG making big margins in the general insurance portfolio are closing. IAG could well be making a lower margin on a lower premium income pool. IAG received a free kick from the ACCC by buying the Coles business but the one thing people need to understand is that the Coles… Read more »
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