Ireland Going Through Same De-leveraging Process as the US

Ireland is going through the same de-leveraging process as the US, while Chris Hunter looks for a house to rent.

“House prices here in Ireland are still too high,” judged our man on the scene. Chris is our main man at the family office – where our own family money is managed.

“Everything is still much too expensive to buy. The prices don’t really make sense when you compare them to the rents. I found a beautiful cottage, with direct access to the beach. It’s lovely. It has whitewashed stone on the outside with a real thatched roof. On the inside, it has been completely renovated and modernized, but in very good style. Three bedrooms. Idyllic setting. Just what I was looking for.

“If that house were put on the market, the asking price would probably be about 400,000 euros. But I can rent the place for only 700 a month. It’s crazy. Prices probably have a lot further to fall.”

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Bill Bonner

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It would be nice to see statistics about the average rate of rent vs cost of housing throughout Europe before and after the recent crisis.

Just moved to Australia from Canada about 7 months ago, I seen what happend in Canada first hand as I was trying to sell a house there and the Global Credit Crisis hit. I feel the same way about the housing in Australia. Rent is too high. Houses cost too much to buy. I have a fair share of money in the bank and I am waiting for the “correction” to take place down under. When it does a lot of people will be hurting, people that are too overdrawn with the bank, and pinning a lot on hope. Speculation… Read more »


There will come a point when even the best ‘news’ won’t affect the markets. That point will come when there is a critical mass of built-up downward pressure. Every day it just builds up more and more…

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