Jim Rickards: Your new friend in a High Place

If you want to get ahead in this world, it pays to have powerful friends in high places. The kinds of friends with a direct line to Wall Street’s wealthiest players…with the ear of influential government officials around the world…with close links to the defence and intelligence communities.

Friends like this can help you dodge financial disasters long before they hit the headlines. And when rare chances arise to reap big profits…their counsel is invaluable.

Years from now, you’ll look back fondly at June 2015 as the month your life changed. That’s because by reading Markets and Money, you’ve just made an extremely powerful friend…

There’s a very good reason why you haven’t heard much from me over the past month. At the start of May, I went to ground. I locked myself away to launch a ground-breaking new service.
The time is nigh to reveal the fruits of my labour.

If you’ve read Markets and Money over the past few weeks, by now you’ll be familiar with Jim Rickards. Jim is a senior adviser to the West Shore Group…a trusted friend to the US Department of Defense…and the facilitator of the first financial war game at the Pentagon.

Jim Rickards is no ordinary financial newsletter writer. And the newsletter he and I will launch later this week is no ordinary investment advisory service…

A chilling dystopia

To show you what I mean, I’m about to give you an exclusive look at a provocative article that Jim recently penned.

The piece is an economic and political thought experiment. It’s set in the year 2025, written through Jim’s eyes.

It’s chilling…dystopian…and already starting to generate buzz across the web. Buzz, I suspect, that will mushroom after we publish today’s e-letter.

The ideas inside are prescient. They will shock you.

In Jim’s words,

The following article describes a fictional dystopia in the spirit of Brave New World or 1984. It is not a firm forecast or prediction in the usual analytic sense. Instead, it is intended to provide warning and encourage readers to be alert to dangerous trends in society, some of which are already in place.’

Jim’s vision makes Mad Max look like Sesame Street. We’re talking bioimplants…capital controls…neofascism…currency collapses and rebirths…stock market panics…asset freezes…wealth destruction…and extreme egalitarian policies.

It’s natural that gloomy, doomy statements make people shift in their seat…rubbish them…or both.
But there are times in history when you can’t afford to be ignorant of what money really is. And why nations seek power over it.

Now is one of those times.

A very different Australia

As Jim explained to me,

My “2025” piece is actually meant to be highly realistic. Most of the elements are already here.

Larry Summers wants negative interest rates…Thomas Piketty and the IMF do want global wealth taxation and redistribution…police are already using tollbooth scanners to interdict people in flight.

Sensor implants are here…cash is almost obsolete…the rule of law is being disregarded every day. The 10-year plan for Special Drawing Rights has already been published…Swiss army mountain fortresses are being converted into gold vaults.’

The only fictional part,’ Jim went on, ‘is threading it all together and thinking of a market panic big enough to be used as cover for extreme government action.’

Tomorrow, Jim will explain the doctrine that lets politicians ramrod such a dystopian future into place use.

But today, you’re best off forming your own opinion on the dystopian future Jim sees. The way I see it, the next global financial crisis won’t necessarily turn Australia into a Mad Max-style wasteland. I don’t think we’ll all be living in caves eating canned goods.

What’s coming will make 2007/2008 look like a picnic…but it won’t be the end of the world. We’ll make it through.

But it will be a different world…and a very different Australia…when we come out the other side. Read on for Jim Rickards’ ‘In the Year 2025’…


Tim Dohrmann+,
Editor, The Markets and Money


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