You’ve been told for years that the Australian housing market is due a big correction… that houses are ‘unaffordable’… and Australian house prices have to come down.

But what if the opposite were true?

What if – instead of crashing – the Australian property market was about to embark on a fourteen year housing boom?

What if the conditions were right for you to create extraordinary wealth through investing in real estate ?

Are Australian house prices REALLY on the
verge of a 14 year housing boom?


In Remembering the Future, a brand new film from Port Phillip Publishing, respected Australian economist Phillip J Anderson reveals that the real estate market in Australia moves in cycles that can be forecast.

In an exciting new feature presentation, Phil shows how this forecasting tool has been accurate – practically to the month – since the year 1784.

I don’t think I have seen anyone who can
forecast the markets like Phil Anderson…’

(P. Scicluna, from

The implications of this research for your financial planning are seriously exciting…

If you rent somewhere with hopes of buying…if you’re planning to build your own place… if you own a home and have a mortgage…or if you’re just interested in real estate as an investment… you need to see this film!

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If what Phil reveals in this new film is correct, we’re fast approaching a critical time for property investors. Instead of a crash we could be on the verge of another 14-year Australian housing boom.

Imagine you knew what was going to happen in the Aussie property market over the next few years…

  • You’d know the right time to BUY a house, apartment or investment property… You could time your purchases or investments to make the most of when property is cheap…
  • You’d know when to profit from ‘panic selling’… As most people sell their investment properties fearing further price falls, you could pick up properties on the cheap, with all of the costly development work already done…
  • You’d be able to build a property portfolio… you could start right at the bottom… then let market momentum do the rest. You want to be a millionaire landlord? Why not?!
  • You’d know when to SELL your property to get top dollar… You could get out at the top of the market just before Australian house prices tank (after every 14 year boom there’s a 4-year downturn)…
  • Critically: YOU WOULDN’T MISS OUT ON THE NEXT HOUSING BOOM… That would be particularly satisfying if you missed out on the last one…

This Time: Don’t ENVY Investors Who Make
A Killing from the Property Boom — BE ONE!

Remembering the Future is available as a limited-run DVD.

If you’ve been waiting for your turn to buy property in a boom, this is something you’ll want to watch…

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