Macquarie Group Share Price Soars 31.59% this Year

Over the course of a year, Macquarie Group [ASX:MQG] has grown by 31.59% in share value.

This consistent share growth doesn’t appear to be decreasing anytime soon.

With today’s 2.90% increase, Macquarie have been going through the right procedures to maintain this healthy increase.

While the big four banks of Australia copped the heat of the royal commission, Macquarie managed to dodge a grilling.

Its financial advisors appeared more trustworthy than its competitors.

However, this isn’t the only reason why its shares have experienced such a huge climb.

Macquarie made sure its budget and expenses were in line with its operating groups.

One of Macquarie’s strongest performing sectors was its asset management division.

This year, it grew by 10% due to Macquarie’s diverse range of products spreading across a variety of sectors.

With asset management being one of its strongest platforms, Macquarie has ensured its performance is keeping in line with its profit expectations.

Its performance fee went through a strong increase, as it turned over a huge income throughout the beginning months of the year.

By analysing developments in market conditions and sector growth, Macquarie has been able to increase its net profit by 15%.

Operating costs and financial management played a huge factor in its growing sectors.

On its investor report, Macquarie stated:

Asset Finance contribution increased due to stronger underlying net operating lease income in Aviation and income from Vehicles which included the sale of the US commercial vehicles financing business. The remaining portfolios continued to perform well.

Macquarie also managed to increase its capital by 45%.

Thanks to an increased rate of income from investments and customers, they were able to form a stronger infrastructure for the business to operate on.

Macquarie remain in a stable position to maintain a strong performance throughout the rest of the year.

Its great portfolio and sharp expertise ensure they are situated well for the rest of 2018 and beyond.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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