NAB Share Price Drops Nearly 2%

National Australia Bank Ltd [ASX:NAB] are trading, at the time of writing, at $28.92 a share while dropping today by 1.83%

Their share value has been consistently low, but have shown some signs of growth in the past, as they were valued lower during 2016.

Australian Bank NAB has a market cap of $78.441 billion and enterprise value of $169.94 billion.

Their profit margin sits at 30.74% while operating at a 52.99% margin.

Superannuation digital assistant could help Share Price

With hopes to spark a sense of enticement to new customers, NAB launched its new service that acts as an assistant platform for smartphones and Google Home devices.

The service does not provide general advice as of yet, it merely acts as a banking tool which is purposed to increase engagement to NAB customers and even non-NAB customers.

The assistant will provide forms of general information, such as how to apply for loans or credit cards, or where to find branches or ATM’s at specific locations.

Australian Financial Review reported that NAB’s executive general manager Jonathan Davey stated:

‘I think customers want a bank that engages with them in the channels they are using, and I suspect almost everyone will engage with Google in some way at some point today. It will not appeal to all customers, of course, but we think for customers to be able to start using their voice to access services is an exciting development and an important one for the future.’

Mr Davey harbors a strong belief that Australians will embrace forms of technology that utilise commands to conduct their banking requirements. But NAB made sure to trial the service to see how customers respond to it.

NAB will assess companies like Google and Microsoft to help grasp the technology usage.


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