Australian Small-Cap Investigator
Editor: Kris Sayce

The mission of The Australian Small-Cap Investigator is to find the most promising movers and shakers on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Diggers & Drillers
Editor: Dr. Alex Cowie

Diggers & Drillers explores the overlooked and much-maligned… but very profitable… world of natural resources and hard assets.

Australian Wealth Gameplan
Editor: Dan Denning
In the ‘lucky country’ it would be so easy to be bullish on everything. Stocks… the Aussie dollar… property: it’s been a ride to the moon over the past few years – with a couple of brief stop-offs along the way. We hope for every Australian’s sake it continues. But what if it didn’t? What if China’s extraordinary credit boom collapsed later this year, halving demand for Australian resources overnight… or the end of quantitative easing (money printing) efforts in the U.S. sent shockwaves through global equity markets, forcing your stocks into a tailspin before you even realised what was happening? Would you be prepared for either scenario? If you’re the kind of investor who understands that world events can directly and profoundly affect your investments, and would like insurance against such scenarios, the Australian Wealth Gameplan could be perfect for you.

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Sound Money Sound Investments
Editor: Greg Canavan

Get detailed analysis on Australia’s most undervalued stocks from one of Australia’s best analysts. Greg Canavan’s fortnightly includes a full portfolio of current buy, sell, and hold recommendations – for you to incorporate into your financial planning as you see fit.

Slipstream Trader
Editor: Murray Dawes

Small cap-sized gains from large cap stocks… WITHOUT using risky derivatives.

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