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Today’s notes will be brief as we’re on our way to an annual meeting in Noble Park. Should Australia develop a nuclear industry? Should it just become a giant nuclear waste disposal site? After all, there is a lot of empty space in this country. If some of it glows at night, it might improve the neighbourhood a bit. More of your thoughts, reproduced below. And let us know what you think at

And don’t forget, on Tuesday December 12th you’re invited to join your fellow readers, the writers and staff of the Australian edition of the Markets and Money, and a mystery guest for snacks and drinks at Café Presse, 97 Brighton Road, Elwood, 3184. It’s the infamous “Doomer’s Ball,” and it’s your chance to usher in the holiday season with some holiday doom and a room full of like-minded contrarians (which means no one will agree on anything, except that the company is agreeable… we hope.)

Some reader mail:

You bet we should go nuke. Lets also fast track increased uranium mining and develop value adding plutonium processing. But wait there’s more. We should also take back the waste and charge a 10% storage fee in perpetuity. Where else in the world could a facility be built almost a thousand miles from anywhere with limited risks. I’ll bet the nations wanting to send us their waste would even build the facility at their cost. What a great business model and solving arguably one of the biggest industry problems. Would you invest in that storage company? Guaranteed growth-Australian Government mandate-International backing. Bring it on!

Another reader has this to say:


I love your writings but can’t agree on your nuclear ideas. I am not in the lunatic fringe, in fact if Howard keeps pursuing this nuclear issue, I will be thinking seriously about my conservative vote. The lies about nuclear told by big business and government are huge. Their noses must be 3 metres long.

The sun uses nuclear fusion – a totally different process to fission – this one leaves radioactive isotopes about for our great, great, great grandchildren and more. Now the US want to use Australia to dump nuclear waste. Nuclear is not the green alternative to coal. True, you won’t get the visible pollution, but the radioactive ramifications are disastrous.

No one has yet successfully argued that technology has been developed to deal with the waste. They just keep talking about burying it.

And finally, this note from Michael E.

Hi Dan,

I hope you like the Bush pronunciation!

Nucularphopia is a rare condition that appears to only affect Canberra politicians. Who was it who said famously “We must follow the people into the street and see where they are going, for we are their leaders”.

We can only hope there is a cure and I can’t help thinking the rising price of uranium could hold the key?

One solution would be to site the infernal reactors on the moon and use a microwave energy transmitter back to earth. I will vote for it as long only I can steer the beam.

Until tomorrow…

Dan Denning

Dan Denning examines the geopolitical and economic events that can affect your investments domestically. He raises the questions you need to answer, in order to survive financially in these turbulent times.

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