Purifloh Jumps 13.4% on Announcement of Tuberculosis Trial

The share price of Purifloh Ltd [ASX:PO3] continues its upward charge, trading at $4.99 — up 13.4% at time of writing.

It has generated massive returns in the last month and is up 2,100% for the year:

PuriflOH Share PriceSource: Market Index

The most recent news from the company comes in relation to a trial of its technology in two hospitals in India targeting tuberculosis bacteria.

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Trial will demonstrate efficacy of Purifloh’s technology

As an exclusive global licensee for Somnio’s Free Radical Generator (FRG) technology, the company will be testing its efficacy in a clinical/health care setting.

Somnio is the highly regarded scientific research and development organisation behind the Purifloh’s product.

The two hospitals involved in the trial will be using the FRG technology for a period of one month at the Government General and Chest Hospital, followed by a 3–4 month trial at the Bhaskar Medical College.

Cost of tuberculosis problem targeted by PO3’s product

Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent and more deadly than HIV/AIDS.

With an economic cost estimated to be over $21 billion per year and more than 10 million people developing the disease last year, the technology is desperately needed.

One third of these new cases of tuberculosis were located in India. Recently, tuberculosis has proven resistant to a range of drugs — as a new form of tuberculosis called MDR-TB has evolved.

Tuberculosis is spread via bio-aerosols emitted via coughs, sneezes and even speaking.

Purifloh’s FRG technology is targeted at neutralising these bio-aerosols. If the trials are promising, then returns on PO3 could be even better than they are today.

Perhaps more importantly, it could aid in the prevention of one of the world’s worst communicable diseases.


Lachlann Tierney,

For Markets and Money

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