Reader Mail

How about some reader mail?

‘Hi Dan,

‘I have read your Markets and Money for a couple of years. By and large, you’ve done a great job for the community by providing them with free high quality articles with true insightful analyses.

‘Understandably, there are some errors in your articles, sometimes. Take today’s Markets and Money, for example. The sentence “The State Council also announced a 20% capital gains tax on home sales,” is NOT correct. The State Council announced 20% of tax on the sell prices of dwellings, which is a lot more than 20% capital gains. Put it simply.

‘You, as the seller of a dwelling, will be taxed 200,000 Yuan, if and after you have sold your home for 1,000,000 Yuan, even if you have to relocate your home. Chinese governments have been increasing taxes as they like for over twenty five years now. The ALP governments in Australia just admire their Chinese counterpart, wanted to copy Chinese governments’ practice into Australia, intruduced Super Mining Profit Tax, was rejected, then changed the tax name, forced it as MRRT.

‘I am a Chinese Australian, which means I am an Australian citizen with a body full of Chinese blood and with a very strong Chinese culture.

‘Kind regards,

Thanks for the note and the correction Chen.

‘Dear all,

‘I love reading your material each day and find the writing styles and views expressed refreshingly real even if they do differ from one another. I love your enthusiasm, passion, optimism and pessimism all rolled into one. I love how you have such a comprehensive grasp on the world economy and such respect for history and your constant reference to history in relation to humans not really evolving that much especially in politics and finance.

‘I hope to be reading your posts for many years to come and hope to be reasonably prosperous as a result of it.

‘Thank you to all of you for a great experience from a customer’s perspective. My respect and admiration to each of you.

‘Simon B’

Thanks Simon!

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