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Looks like an attempt at a little Markets and Money humour has been lost in translation. In shedding a literary tear for the way investors punished the Commonwealth Bank the other day we used the phrase “Jesus wept,” from the Gospel of John, Chapter 11, verse 35. Not everyone was happy.

Dear Sirs,

I think you would take offence if I published the statement, that; “Your mother was a whore, and your father got his AIDS from his enthusiastic homosexual bonking of little boys.” The inclusion of the statement “Jesus wept.”[in the Markets and Money] obviously does not attract as much attention if you included a later statement that; Mahomed sleeps around! Your respect for the values of others would be appreciated.


Fr. Phil

Psm. 1

My goodness. Yes we would (and did) take offense to that padre. We hope we don’t ever run into you in a confessional.

First, we were unaware that the phrase “Jesus wept” is used as an expletive in this part of the world. We like to offend conventional wisdom in financial matters, but don’t go out of our way to do so in spiritual matters. You should never talk religion or politics at dinner!

Besides, God is not our beat. We didn’t use the phrase as an expletive, but in the fine tradition of the week, we apologize if we offended anyone.

But maybe spiritual matters shouldn’t be your beat either, with a letter like that.

Try as we might, we don’t remember Jesus ridiculing whores or homosexuals in the New Testament, or saving souls by bullying sinners. He won his arguments the old fashioned way, with words and love and actions.

Not all ideas deserve respect, either. Some are stupid and dangerous. It’s the obligation of thinking people to point them out and heap the ridicule on them they deserve.

We happen to be a believer, but we get pretty discouraged about organized religion after reading letters like yours. We’ll say a prayer for you tonight.

Have a good weekend!

Dan Denning
Markets and Money

Dan Denning
Dan Denning examines the geopolitical and economic events that can affect your investments domestically. He raises the questions you need to answer, in order to survive financially in these turbulent times.

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When I read the article, I had wondered if that statement would draw ire from the likes of those who burn copies of The Life of Brian.


In Australian usage (from Irish origins, I think), it’s uttered as a “minced oath”, (supposedly) more agreeable than yelling “J***s C***t!”.

I’d always thought that when an American says it, it is meant in an altogether more…respectful…tone. Is that right?

Don’t worry mate, nothing lost in translation here, and you learn something new every day!

mark dobson

commonwealth bank stood by me for years after personal life disintegrated and i remember fondly.
anz offered me a lifeline and am grateful they are keen on growing and i welcome the faith(taking a chance)
it shows that anz is serious on expanding their custom and i and others wish them well in their endeavors may they continue to increase market share

Pier Johnson
Who knows who is “Fr. Phil”. However Dan Denning does not offer any apology. First he writes excuses. Next he hides his weak apology at the end of a sentence. Dan cancels his apology with the all-time apology killing word — “but”. Finally, Dan attacks the man through innuendo. See Dan in action: [1] “First, we were unaware … but don’t go out of our way … Besides, God is not our beat.” [2] “… but in the fine tradition of the week, we apologize if we offended…” [3] “But maybe…” [4] “…we get …discouraged about organized religion after reading… Read more »

…. father phil is full of himself…like the snake in eden gardens after having eaten his own tail…..and still hungry….

Zeus was first

Don’t get upset at what you think your imaginary friend might think of what was typed. If he was really omnipotent he’d strike them down for thinking it well before they said it. In fact, you could say the very fact that we’re allowed to think such things, and then say them, is a form of approval for it.
At the very least, they’re old enough not to get annoyed at words, and probably doesn’t need some kook who’s managed to pull himself away from his bible long enough to click and grunt out an email to defend him/her/it self.


Damn Dan,
i thought it was me using the “jesus wept” combo in a comment a few storys back. to my dissapointment im not famous but its good to know there are other heathens out there who know a good phrase when they hear it. one i made recently is “let the sheep gorge on GM grass, the wolves are getting bored with canasta.”

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