Ron Paul for President: Does He Have a Chance?

Our friend Ron Paul, running for U.S. president, is putting up a good fight. Will, our oldest son, argues that we should get behind him now:

“The individual limit is US$2,300:

“While his chances of winning are low… I think it might be worth it, just for him to make a good showing… And his Internet buzz is impressive, check out these recent Ron Paul for President posts about his campaign:

“He gets more Internet traffic than any other candidate… and amusingly wins almost every online poll about the GOP debates at CNN:

Does Ron Paul have a chance to become the next U.S. President, we asked a savvy American friend from Washington?

“No…of course not. If he starts becoming a threat to the establishment candidates, the media will tear him apart. Ron is a guy who thinks about things. He cares about the country and where it’s going. And he really believes in the constitution. You can’t get elected in America with those kinds of ideas. When they ask him a question, he gives an honest answer. That’s no way to get elected. The press won’t stand for it. And the voters, once they realise that Ron is sincere, will turn against him, too.

“Well, could he get close enough to the Republican nomination that he prods the party into taking a more traditional, conservative position?” we asked.

“Maybe. Not likely…but maybe. The Republican Party has gone downhill badly since the days of Ronald Reagan. At least the Gipper had a vision of America. You know what John Locke wrote, ‘In the beginning, all the world was America’? He meant that America was meant to be free and open. Reagan, at least in the beginning, did believe that – ‘a city on a hill…a bright shining beacon of liberty.’

“But now, the Republicans seem to be trying to outdo one another in stupidity. They want to keep foreigners out – especially if they’re poor. They want national ID cards…and Gestapo checkpoints…and a wall to keep people out. The way things are going, it won’t be long before that wall is used to keep people in.”

“I’ve been in Washington for more than 40 years, so I’m a little cynical. I sure hope Ron Paul can make a strong enough showing to bring the Republicans back to their senses, and I’m going to give him money, because he’s an old friend and I want him to succeed. But I don’t know if I would count on it.”

Bill Bonner
Markets and Money

Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

Since founding Agora Inc. in 1979, Bill Bonner has found success and garnered camaraderie in numerous communities and industries. A man of many talents, his entrepreneurial savvy, unique writings, philanthropic undertakings, and preservationist activities have all been recognized and awarded by some of America’s most respected authorities. Along with Addison Wiggin, his friend and colleague, Bill has written two New York Times best-selling books, Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt. Both works have been critically acclaimed internationally. With political journalist Lila Rajiva, he wrote his third New York Times best-selling book, Mobs, Messiahs and Markets, which offers concrete advice on how to avoid the public spectacle of modern finance. Since 1999, Bill has been a daily contributor and the driving force behind Markets and Money.

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Ron Paul Supporter

Aloha Bill

I don’t think you understand, either Ron Paul makes it all the way or America as we know it ends……maybe you should be a better friend and actually believe your friend can make it all the way……We The People…..demand it! They will have to kill him to stop us and then it will backfire and Americans WILL take Our Country back the old fashioned way!

jim moore

Repeat after me … “He can win. He CAN win! He can WIN!”


My opinion of whether or not Ron Paul will win depends on what day it is. All I know is that there are a lot of American’s upset at what is happening in our country and our actions overseas. If Ron Paul does not win, there will be a lot of people who will begin to fight back against the system.


Ron Paul, US President, January 20 2009.

I’m from the US and living in Australia, and I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it was to live in my country and see it falter as it has over the last several years, and to have seen it from over here in the last year. I am hoping and doing all I can from this side of the world to promote Ron Paul to my family and friends back in the US, because he truly is the only one I believe is honest, no matter the political party he’s tied to. Recent laws that have been passed or are… Read more »
David Chamizo

I sense a violent american uprising could be on the cards if another pro-establishment candidate (pretty much everone except Ron Paul) wins the next election.

Could this be the reason why the government has just passed laws to martial law and mobilize the national guard to other states in the event of a terrorist attack “or any other condition”?



I’m an aussie citizen, and I’m absolutely 100% behind Dr.Paul, for what its worth. I know that legally I can’t donate to his campaign as a foreigner (fair enough, I agree with this law), so how can I support him?

Can I give a “gift” to an American citizen so that they can donate to him?

Ron Paul is America’s last best hope for a return to constitutional governance. And his election would be good for Australia too, because if America leads by good example, surely Australia would follow.

“Say Yes to Dr. No” ;-)



Bill – it’s not about whether he wins or loses, it’s about how long we keep the Message on the national stage. We have to wake up this country. Your contributions may not give Ron Paul the presidency, but that is far from the point. The contributions will keep him in the debates, keep him on TV, etc. The Internet already knows him; we’ve got to reach everyone else now. Power to the people!

Hello from the U.S. Ron Paul is our American Revolution. His support base is growing expotentially like I have never seen before. He has literally gone viral on the internet and it’s only the mainstream media’s ego that makes them think they are more influential than the internet. That ship sailed years ago. Furthermore, Ron’s internet fanbase is so passionate about him they are hitting the streets and talking about him to their friends and family and strangers alike. No one else is inspiring their fanbase like Ron Paul is. For those of us who have woken up to the… Read more »
I have to agree with what Bill is saying. The problem is that Americans as a whole will vote for the candidate that they feel will win not the person that they think is best. Americans like winners even if he will kill them. The US that we know is on the brink of disaster. The Decider President has handed us over to the corporate masters and his congressional lapdogs rubber stamped everything. Americans for the most part Cheered him on! Everyone now knows that he lied about the war. Where’s the general outrage. The conditioning has worked. If Dr.… Read more »

Internet popularity is popularity, nonetheless. The more followers he has the more the word will spread. You can’t silence ideas! Authors: Bypass corporate media and post your intelligent articles on

George Whitfield

Bill, Thank you for covering Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign for US President. He appears to be receiving alot of grassroots support. Like your friend, I don’t know if I can count on the Republicans coming back to their senses, but as an American who loves liberty and thinks that Ron Paul is our last best hope for peace, prosperity and freedom, I have sent him the legal maximum contribution of $2,300. Like any investment/speculation, the result is not guaranteed but the outcome, if successful, is well worth the risk if it is not.

Sid Davis
I get excited hearing Ron Paul spread the message of freedom, but he is preaching to the choir in my case, and I am not sure really how deeply into the US public this message will penetrate. Today if you asked me, I would say that the only way freedom will ever likely be restored in the US is by violent revolution, and even this is probably 15 years away. When the economy collapses from lack of a suitable substitute for oil, and suffering and death become widespread, I don’t think it will matter much who was the last President.… Read more »
I agree with the poster who said you should be a really good friend, and say that he can win, because he can. At every turn his campaign does better, gets more popular, gets more donations than expected, and rocks the after debate online polls. There are no signs of this letting up. Ron Paul is the only hope for America, and the the rest of the world for that matter. We can continue on, acting like a country of easily frightened, emotional 6 year olds, readily forfeiting our Constitutional rights and ready to bomb and kill the rest of… Read more »
joshua bruce

I think you need to get over your fear and stand behind Ron Paul. I am a former liberal who is supporting him. The fight will continue and increase and God willing the American people will come out on top when the dust settles. When the naysayers see the supporters in the streets (we are willing to fight) many will join him. It comes down to a battle of the republic versus the nwo. where will you be counted? You must decide where you stand idealogcally and choose sides. The time is now.


I am totally, 100% behind Ron Paul. I have known about him for a month, and in that month, I have talked about him virtually non-stop. I have never even donated money to a politician before this, But Dr. Paul is inspiring. I think some of the other posters could be right. I think if we do not have a course correction soon, America could have another Civil War, we have strayed so far from the founding principles. I see people on TV and in print actually make fun of Ron Paul for wanting to follow the Constitution. Very sad.

Lawrence Lepard


Thanks for giving RP an endorsement and a push. Don’t say he cannot win though. He can win, its simple, people have to work to educate others so that enough people vote for him. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Is it a long shot, sure by traditional measures, but the internet is having a revolutionary affect on how people communicate. Be positive, you might be pleasantly surprised!


If I vote for someone I expect them to win, and I will be voting for RP in 2008. I refuse to believe that Americans are stupid enough to vote for someone like Rudy McRomney-Thompson. RP’s message just needs to get out and the support will follow.

Gabe Harris
If supporters of Ron Paul hadn’t quickly and fiercely, Ron Paul would not have made it to the third debate. The GOP had made moves to shut him out. Now they will find it impossible to lock him out of the debates, without having their national office communication lines shut down by our army of us Ron Paul “Spammers”. Supporting Ron Paul is equivalent to spreading the ideas of Von Mises, Rothbard and Bastiat. The more success Ron Paul has the more newcomers will be initiated to the truth. Cynicism is great, but now is the time to use your… Read more »

I am really getting sick of all the negativity I see. Let’s cut the “he will never win” and think positively.

As others have said, if Ron Paul’s votes are mysteriously miscounted or switched over, I see a revolt in this country.

I would be very concerned no matter what country I lived in. Once America goes down, your country is next in line. Most other first-world countries have passed bills similar to The Patriot Act that take away every single right, including Australia.


Ron is certainly an exceptional identity in this campaign, and has an impeccable voting record to go with it. If the media mauling him doesn’t slow down his support, then I will start to be concerned for his and his family’s physical security. The current administration shows total contempt for the Law, the Constitution, or indeed human life. Bumping off a political opponent would not be a stretch for this regime.


Ron Paul is more than a common candidate, Is a change not only for US but for the World. The world is waiting for the decision of the Americans voters. How can the US population talk about democracy? Which democracy they are talking about. That is a sort of media authoritarianism.

Join us


I am from Canada, since 9/11 we have seen some of our privacy and freedoms go away too. WE also need Ron for what its worth because as our closest partners and friends we are immediately effected by who you guys put in the Whitehouse. PLease for the love of God and this world do everything you can to support Ron and if you cannot fund him then spread the word to everyone who has ears and will listen.


Let’s just say that he wins the presidency. How will he get things done ? Will he have any support in Congress ? Where are the congressional candidates that will enable and support the guy ? The current bunch certainly won’t.


I wish the American people will wake up and realize that everything Ron Paul talks about is the truth. He is attacked by the other GOP candidates BECAUSE HE TELLS THE TRUTH.

I wish with all my heart that Ron Paul becomes the next president. But I do not have hope. As Iron Maiden says: “You’re outnumbered by the bastards till the day you die.”

Anthony Grear

Ron Paul is the USA’s only hope. Our country could be so cool again if he got elected. He would root out corruption. It would be like hitting the reset button and starting over again, which is what we are supposed to do when tyranny takes over. If this does not occur , a military dictatorship is inevitable in the United States, followed by an internal overthrow. We can do this the easy way by electing Ron Paul, or the hard way, by spilling the blood of patriots and tyrants!


The Las Vegas oddsmakers had Ron Paul at 200 to 1 to win the primaries. He is now at 7 to 1 to win. AND they predict that if he wins the primaries he will beat ANY democrat. Their record of prediction is spot on.

If Ron Paul wins the primaries he will win the election. Without Ron Paul kiss our asses goodbye.


I think you’ve been watching too much Bush. How is Dr. Paul going to get things passed is the same way it supposed to get done, by listening to what the people want. Congress is supposed to represent the people, thats how he gets things passed. If they want to stay in office, they better listen to their constituents. If Dr. Paul wins and it’s huge, congress will have to consider his ideas.

Fred Dawers

the fact is Ron Paul is the only guy that can stop the coming civil war is missed by most is sad. if you think that is nut’s just look at what La Raza( the race ) is doing in washington, check out what Greenspan said about china and our bonds and the fact that Mexico city is working with drug dealers for political power inside our system..think Ron Paul for freedom.

Well, it will be interesting. His ideas of returning to the American Constitution (something that all of those officials swear to uphold, but in reality, don’t) will certainly turn things upside down. And things need to be turned upside down in Washington. After 8 years of Bobo the War Chimp, I’m not sure that the country could survive another 4 or 8 years of NeoCons or NeoLibs for that matter. None of the Dem candidates would really be much better than the “decider guy”. I find the fact that Rupert Murdoch (FOX) is donating to Hillary’s campaign to be quite… Read more »

Yes…. he has a chance. The ignoring of his candidacy will soon be abandoned in favor of a slash and burn campaign. In the end, it will only bring more exposure. People are cynical of the establishment media, and as more and more people realize how much THEY hate him, they’ll want to find out what he’s all about.

Go Ron


I know the mechanism, just not sure of the political will. Congress was pretty much given a mandate to get the US out of Iraq last year. Seven months later – Hasn’t happened.
Ron needs a lot of support beyond the votes to get him into office, if he is to be an effective president.
I applaud Ron’s position and courage on many issues which put him at odds with vested interests. Unfortunately these interests own Congress for the most part. Alternative candidates are needed – now.

Michael Joneston

The best way to get Ron Paul elected is to educate people about the other candidates. Most of the other candidates are backed by the money of John Rockefeller in one way or another, and that money is being spent for the purpose of pushing forward the agenda for One World Government, which will greatly benefit international corporations.

Let the people know which candidates belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, which advocates One World Government —

Fred Thompson
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Jim Gilmore
Newt Gingrich
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Joe Biden
Chris Dodd
Bill Richardson

To those whom think that if Mr. Paul does not win and there is any sort of major uprising in this country that the National Guard and the Military will be turned against the people is ridiculous. You are forgetting that the people in the Guard and the military are what? Americans just like you and me… no Guardsman or Military man or woman would put up with orders to kill hurt and or destroy their own countrymen. I was in the military and you can bet if an uprising occurs… it will be the Guard and the Military HELPING… Read more »
Robert C Lewis

It would seem that the majority are expecting too much from Dr Paul. He’s one man.
For this country to return to its roots, candidates, with these ideals, will have to be installed from the lowest local level all the way through President.
It’s not just politicians ruining things…’s the “system”. Who runs “the system”? Bureaucrats.
They erode freedom….discriminatory, unnecessary, petty regulations that do nothing but seemingly justifiy their jobs.
This, coupled with the major damage, by politicians and others, to the cause of freedom and liberty….would have to radically change before America’s return could be possible.

Why can’t Ron get elected by being honest and caring about this country? Isn’t that our ultimate goal? People don’t realize the seriousness of our country’s crisis’! I truly believe he is our last hope and I know there are tons of others who think the same thing. We just can’t keep going to war with every country to help their government. We are already trillions of dollars in debt. I believe ron paul knows exactly what needs to be done and I have complete faith in him to do it. If we don’t take him seriously than there is… Read more »
My name is Jeremy. I am a 30 yo. gay man who served 5 years in the NAVY. I consider myself to be a moderate on most issues, but I really do not agree with the DoD’s DADT policy. With that said however, I too am fully supporting Ron Paul. On his google interview, he fully explaind his position on DADT, and while he isn’t fully for it’s elimination, he did clarify his reasoning. But our county is in a world of trouble, and Ron Paul is the only person speaking the truth. The U.S.A. is leveraged to over %300… Read more »
I don’t know whom to believe on the poll standings. I recently and went to the GOP website to try and put in a vote to be counted in their polls, and Ron Paul was not even listed!!! I am beginning to feel like every media outlet’s deck is stacked to make an RP victory seem as unlikely as possible. At the same time his campaign is making 100k a day (I’ve been tracking it), support is overwhelming for him online, and there are 211 million Americans online as of June 2007. Get off line and campaign people! Get signs… Read more »

RP has won. His victory was a manifestation of the gradual build up of intellectual and survival consciousness of Americans. Which was the true inception point for the USA reversing its course of destruction. We are now moving towards a new civilization. Corruption and stupidity is being ousted. You get what you focus on. Drop the pessimism. Donate, vote, inform others, write your representatives, use RP bumper stickers and lawn signs… do your part as if it is all up to you… and the magic will happen. It has happened.


People are underestimating Ron. His niche on the internet is not a niche at all, it’s the most powerful weapon in the world.


GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! you may be surpirsed to kow how many fat cat politicians would just as soon give me the latter. the Real Deal DR RON PAUL 2008 the man with the vision burning in his heart!!!

John Hunter
Ron Paul is a good man, no doubt, & yet he seems to attract people w/ the attitude, “we’re going to start a revolution, if we don’t win 2008.” He held a rah-rah meeting in our town. A large % of attendees were a hippie-like, uneducated group. They seem to be looking for someone else to solve their problems. I don’t understand it. America was built on individual honesty, industry, education, refinement, & sacrifice; not a locker-room mentality that wants to start an internal war if their hero doesn’t get his way. There’s a sense of underlying anger there.(I have… Read more »

John Hunter, why are you comparing Romney to Bush? Bush is not running for president.
Ron Paul is educated, he’s honest, and thoughtful, and he has convictions that stem from the Constitution. Romney, Mccain, Hillary, Obama, they’re really not too far apart on the big issue – how big, powerful, and intrusive should our federal government be? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we are headed down that road.


Ron Paul for president! He is the only one that can lead the country. Obama will get votes b/c he is black, Hillary b/c she is female, not because they do the job right.

Unpopular Truth

Who left the lunatic asylum unlocked?


This DC savvy friend is right except for the fact that the voters are looking for someone that is sincere, not the other way around. It seems that, like most other politicians these days, that this guy has absolutely zero touch with his constituents. If believing in the constitution doesn’t get someone elected, then what are we electing these people to do for us?

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