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No Stopping Washington’s Debt Bomb Express
No Stopping Washington’s Debt Bomb Express
The US is an empire that runs on debt. Nobody wants to stand between the Deep State and the money it needs. And now that the flood has begun, the next stage of the great wingy-dingy hullabaloo can begin, too.
Republicans Have Lost the White House
Republicans Have Lost the White House
Is it possible that President Trump will start his own political party? Yes, it is. He may do so partly because he will be rejected by the Republicans, who are getting tired of pulling knives out of their backs.
Conservatives’ Last Bullet
Conservatives’ Last Bullet
The debt ceiling is the one and only thing that might prevent the bankruptcy of the US government. It is the only ammunition fiscal conservatives have left. Mr Trump may shake things up after all — in a way almost no one expected. To take away true conservatives’ last bullet.
Invest in Gold
Why I’m Sticking with Gold…
Cryptocurrencies are not an investment. And not yet a convenient or reliable form of money. They are still just an experiment. A work in progress. Early adopters could get rich…or get wiped out.
Obamacare health care system costly
The Evil Genius of Obamacare
Spending more on medical care doesn’t necessarily make people healthier. In fact, it may squander resources, leaving them poorer and more vulnerable.
One percent of the rich, outweighs the 99 percent of the poor
America’s Elites Are on Top of the World
Poor David Brooks… Yesterday, while waiting for one dose of claptrap, we were whacked by another. Fed chief Janet Yellen was scheduled to speak before the House Financial Services Committee on Capitol Hill at 10:00am. Waiting, we read a column …
government scam - needless spending
Another Government Scam
Governments are always finding ways to make life expensive, difficult, inefficient and unproductive. Particularly the French government...