Seek Limited Share Price Grows 2.32%

With its shares shooting up by 2.32% today, SEEK Limited‘s [ASX:SEK] market strategy and business plan has panned out well for them.

In its recent results presentation, Seek emphasised an array of positive growth across all of its business fronts.

Expanding all of its sectors to comprise what is known as the Seek group, the company’s tight focus on the online employment market has led to their ownership of leading job boards in Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico, Africa and across Southeast Asia.

They have reached over four billion people across the globe, building relationships with more than 800,000 employers and 180 million candidates.

Established in 1997, the company is fairly young. However they have grown immensely since their initial development.

So how have Seek ensured consistent share growth recently?

Seek goes after larger market opportunities

Well, like most types of growth in the share market, it all comes down to making the right investments.

And Seek have recently pushed through further reinvestments which aim to strengthen their revenue and earnings.

They’ve had this strategy mapped out since the beginning, with the first phase commencing in 1997 with Seek’s involvement in the ANZ Online employment marketplace.

They followed this up with an increase in Human Capital Management to further enhance their business relevancy.

These, as well as all their other market moves, have allowed Seek’s to establish a long-term track record of value on a creative front.

Shareholder returns thus seem to be remaining high, because of a positive market response to Seek’s purpose and strategy.

This year alone, revenue has increased by 26% thanks to organic growth from ANZ.

Acquisition growth also helped its revenue.

ANZ employment has also played a part in Seek’s overall results, with volume and average price increase arising in the wake of the ANZ employment rate.

The future for Seek

Growing value to hirers and candidates is one of Seek’s main objectives, and thanks to their investments they have properly acquired a long track record of growth.

Seek and ANZ have worked together to upscale their products and services to new levels.

This has made Seek a more accessible platform, which has helped bring in new users across the employment market.

They are very much looking ahead.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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