Rich People Have Better Sex

Why bother getting rich at all?

The answer is very simple: Biology. Throughout those long millennia in the woods, status was as important as it is now. It was always a matter of ‘survival of the fittest.’ And the fittest were always the ‘high status’ beasts – the strongest…the fastest…the most powerful…the richest. It is still a fight for love and glory, as this article from MarketWatch makes clear:

“The richer you are, apparently, the better sex you have. That’s according to a recent survey of more than 600 high-net-worth individuals. And rich women, it seems, enjoy sex the most.

“Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince, two well-known researchers on the habits of the rich and famous,…surveyed people with an average net worth of $89 million, and who make more than $9 million per year. They found that money is an enabler in a number of ways to enhance sexual experiences.

“The majority of men and women credit their private wealth with achieving a better sex life. When viewed separately, a larger percentage of women agree with the statement, perhaps indicating that females derive a greater degree of empowerment from their financial independence than their male counterparts,” the survey, “Money as an Aphrodisiac – Being Rich Means Getting Lucky on Your Own Terms,” found.

Some 84% of rich women and 63% of rich men say having money means having better sex.

In the survey, three-quarters of men cited more frequent sex and a greater variety of partners as the primary benefits of having wealth, revealing a fascination with quantity. “In short, men equate more with better,” Grove and Prince write.

By contrast, women placed significantly less value on the volume of sexual interactions and partners they had than the overall excellence of the experience: Nearly 93% of women cited higher-quality sex as the greatest sexual benefit of personal wealth – and the biggest benefit overall to being rich.

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