Sky and Space Global Share Price Grows on Binding Agreement

Today Sky and Space Global [ASX:SAS] announced it had entered a binding agreement with International Air Traffic Automation Systems.

The agreement will help the SAS network to be further integrated.

SAS, a company specialising in communication equipment, will be able to implement new expansions and opportunities across the IATAS platform thanks to this agreement.

Today SAS’ shares grew by 2.35%, while its market cap stands at $160.118 million.

SAS’ nanosatellite network is beginning to gain attention in the right places

While spending the majority of its time innovating new breakthroughs of nano technology, SAS is beginning to reap the rewards of its hard work.

International Air partnering up with SAS will help commercialise its brand, increasing exposure in the market.

On SAS’ announcement it reported that International Air’s CEO, Ori Shloosh, stated:

‘IATAS’s array of solutions include real-time air traffic control surveillance, moving airport maps for pilots, remote tower control, automated air traffic control systems, digital black-boxes and anti-collision software within airports. The entire platform will benefit from the integration of SAS’s unique and secure communication nano-satellite based services, which will position IATAS’s solutions in a class of its own.’

Increased innovation and distribution will help bring SAS further into the market, while developing new opportunities to work with new businesses on a variety of new fronts.

Demonstration is key to SAS’ goals and achievements, its Nano technology is relevant with breaches of technological infrastructure.

Partnering up with International Air will push fourth its desired rate of market demonstration.

International Air will be able to enhance its air traffic control surveillance as well as interactive airport mapping for its pilots.

Most of its hardware will go through massive improvements thanks to its deal with SAS.

In the months ahead, both companies will continue to engage with end user clients which consist of airliners and navigational services.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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