Benjamin Graham

When Financial Markets Decouple From Reality
Financial markets have all but decoupled from reality. The manipulation of interest rates has completely distorted prices. If prices don't communicate useful information anymore, markets aren't markets. They're just vehicles for transferring money from one party to another.
A Crash Proof Investment Strategy
Financial markets and institutions are mighty unstable no matter where you look these days. Europe, America, China, Australia. Where are you supposed to go to invest your money?
Don’t Buy the Stock Market…Buy Stocks
But first, it may help to take a minute to explain what a special situation is. It's actually an old concept. The best definition may be that of the great Ben Graham - famed value investor and mentor to Warren Buffett.
The Difference Between Price And Value
Intrinsic value!? Is there really such a thing with stocks? Isn't value solely determined through exchange, between the price at which two parties agree to conduct a transaction? To help us with these questions-and more-we turn to Greg Canavan...
How Mr Market Influences a Stock Price
Investor emotion accounts for these fluctuations. Many years ago, Benjamin Graham characterised this emotion as 'Mr Market'. Sometimes Mr Market was very happy and positive about the future and was willing to pay handsomely to buy shares. At other times, Mr Market thought the sky was falling in and wanted to give those same shares away at bargain prices.