Reserve Bank of Australia

Australian Banks Have a Problem

Higher mortgage rates will mean that households face higher mortgage costs, which could decrease savings growth even more. Higher rates with no wage growth could also mean that borrowers applying for new loans face higher…

What the RBA Gets Wrong About Wages

The issue of stagnant wage increases is finally getting the attention it deserves, both in the mainstream and from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Since 2015, there’s been an optimism at the RBA that as…

No Rate Rise Pushes ASX Higher

How the ASX reacts from here will be interesting to watch. Low interest rates for the foreseeable future could mean more investors flooding into the market, hoping to seek out returns.

Why the RBA Has to Cut Interest Rates

Without consumption signalling that everything is OK, I don’t believe there’s any way the RBA will be raising interest rates. In fact, I think they’ll have to cut rates, regardless of concerns about high house…

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