The Bonner Diaries

Bill Bonner: Wedding Planner

A wedding is meant to cement a union. Like an epoxy, it mixes two separate elements to form a new compound. And like all win-win deals, sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.

Scott Pruitt’s Real Crime

It was a slow week, interrupted by the Fourth of July holiday. Stocks bounced around a bit, going nowhere special. Even the Trump Show had been relatively calm, with no new ratings boosts.

America’s Hidden War

There is always a hidden war going on. On one side are the honest people who try to get along…On the other side are the crooks, scoundrels, and the jackasses.

America’s Caesar

Modern economists are wrong about a lot of things…But they’re not wrong about everything. And one thing they are right about is trade. Import taxes may be good politics, but they are very rarely good…

Ike Was Right!

Our working hypothesis is that General Eisenhower was right. There were two big temptations to the American Republic of the 1950s; subsequent generations gave in to both of them.

Trump’s Not Like Ike

Elected in 1952, Dwight Eisenhower ended the Korean War, balanced the budget, reduced US debt as a percentage of GDP by nearly 15%, and reduced government spending

Why the Elites Hate Trump

What a rollicking good time we’ve had these past few days. The G7…the North Korean summit…Canada’s ‘backstabber’ chief… Did any generation before us enjoy so much cheap entertainment?

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