U.S. Economy

A Trade War Could Spark this Rally

The US recently imposed tariffs on US$34 billion of Chinese imports. Now the US is looking at imposing another US$16 billion in tariffs. They’ve also released a list of US$200 billion worth of Chinese products…

America’s Phony Economy

Markets are always looking at the glass, measuring one half against the other. Investors are always trying to guess whether the glass is filling up or emptying out. So let’s empty it out on the…

America’s Hidden War

There is always a hidden war going on. On one side are the honest people who try to get along…On the other side are the crooks, scoundrels, and the jackasses.

Escalations in America

The markets keep reacting to the escalations in trade tensions. People keep reacting to the no-tolerance policies on immigration, separating children from their parents.

Something Changed

You probably still remember the market correction from back in February. Funnily enough though what rattled the markets back then wasn’t bad news…but good news.

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