US interest rates

The Best Bet for US Stocks

Logically, if falling interest rates sent stocks up…interest rate increases should send them back down. And already, they have. The Nasdaq is negative for 2018. The Dow has moved about 8% below its peak. And…

How Dumb Is the Fed?

Most likely, interest rates will rise…and speculators will begin front-running the Fed. For the last 10 years, the fool was easily identifiable. It was the Fed. The US central bank slashed interest rates to near…

Dow 50,000? Why Not?!

Yes, reflation is coming. And yes, this is an economy that can’t tolerate higher inflation/interest rates. Then with no debt ceiling over Congress…and no hold-the-line president in the White House — the sky’s the limit.…

China-US Tectonic Shift Soon to Become an Earthquake

One of the first lessons investors learn is the old adage about diversification. That is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Of course, many try to do exactly that. But it is a low probability game. Taking a big punt on a hoped for outcome nearly always leads to losses. And the extent … Read More

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