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Just thought I would let you know that whilst I receive countless financial emails daily I view yours as something special. I am not looking for the same old humdrum I am looking for news that is out of left field. Now you guys would be off the planet if you went any further left but it is refreshingly different. I get through the humdrum first and get my mind sorted and save you for last as a check. It is certainly an insane moment in time but I am still finding investment opportunities. Thanks for your comments



Congratulations! You are now my second favorite Australian publication, after the formerly American one known as, The Wall Street Journal. And, frankly, on many days you’ve got them beat.

Fine job.

Best Regards,



Keep up the great work guys. Awesome to see an Aussie version of the Markets and Money.

Always a fantastic read.

Kind Regards,



Hello Dan and Bill

I read your reckoning most days…and of course I keep reading because I reckon the content is stimulating.

It’s not easy to make someone, smile, grin, chuckle, laugh when reading about subprime, CDO’s, the value of the USD etc.

But you do! So, thank you both, for your analysis and wit.

best wishes for a happy Christmas



Dear Dan:

This is one of the most remarkable, truest and hard hitting articles I have ever read. Your readers should listen, certainly I am.

This time we may witness the “perfect storm” when all bubbles pop at once. Over many years I have seen liquidity come and go several times: it builds up slowly and then decreases and collapses suddenly, leaving a trail of destruction and misery which affects almost everybody.

Thank you for the privilege of being one of your readers.



Just a note to say thank you for your articles on your website.

I am semi new to investing and find your articles totally fascinating. I really like the approach you take to markets/advisors (fairly cynical), it offers a real change to the hype and deceit common in other purveyors of economic news and speculation. I also like the reality check you tend to give. Your articles used to be almost a solitary source of speculation about our current economic bubble (apart from your sources, of course), and it seems that now what you have been saying all along is pretty spot on thanks for the great reads

– happy reader



Love your website, and have started cc’g my friends and associates, what is scary is that your views make so much sense but are so different from the hype coming out of the mainstream media.

Also finished your book “empire of debt’ last night, a great read, and will be buying your new book this weekend.



O your guys are great! We get comic relief with your editorials and now snips of classics… fantastic, keep it ups and Merry Xmas to you all.




Hi Dan,

Just a note to say “THANKYOU” for taking the time today to write your news letter. I couldnt believe my luck at lunch time when Markets and Money arrived.

Im only very new at this “Share Market” thing… and spend absolutely every spare moment I have (between my work), studying how the Share Market process works.

Actually, I only learned how to turn a computer “on” in September this year. I had no idea there was such an incredible wealth of knowledge out there.

I am greatful for your information, I learn alot from your writings. I am determined to become a “Champion in the Market”. I just love it.

You have a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR. Its going to be a good one!

Kind Regards




I just HAD to write to you to tell you that I LOVE reading “The Mogambo Guru” articles.

He cracks me up, and as I continue to read, I start to giggle, and I then BURST OUT LAUGHING.

Everyone around me looks at me like I’m weird. HaHaHaHa!

Thanks for your humor.

A loyal reader.


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