The Markets and Money’s Best of 2011

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Normal Reckonings resume Tuesday, January 3rd. To tide you over, we’re continuing a tradition we started last year. We reflect on some of the more colourful predictions of 2011. What follows is a selection of musings from Dan Denning, Bill Bonner and the DR team.

Enjoy and see you in 2012!

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for Markets and Money

“Economists will get smacked. Central bankers will get flipped the bird.”

Bill Bonner makes his predictions for 2011. Gold up? Check. Oil up? Check. The American economy down? Check. But what happened to the “poor boomers?” Find out here.

More ‘Predictions-Plus’ for 2011 from Bill

Should you bet on gold? Will stocks go up another year? Do you seriously think we have answers to those questions? Predictions are worthless, says Bill. “So what we give you are Predictions-Plus. What’s a prediction-plus? It’s better than a prediction; it’s the thing that probably won’t happen but that you should expect anyway. It’s the thing you should believe even if it isn’t true…”

How It All Ends

How does it all end? In massive hyperinflation? Or massive deflation? Does it have to be one or the other? Or, more accurately, doesn’t one lead to the other? Greg Canavan provided a rather prescient answer to this question last February.

Saddling up with Death

A brief look at how some of the team here in St Kilda use the share market to hedge against everyone else being doomed. That’s right – doomed!

The Worst Investing Mistake You Could Make Last Year

There are many mistakes people make that ensure they won’t get rich investing. At the start of 2011, Chris Mayer predicted one in particular mistake would hurt more than others. Was he right? And did you make it?

Buffet Gets in on Bill’s ‘Trade of the Decade’

And Bill ruminates on the ridiculousness of trying to predict Black Swans. “You would do better to examine the feathers of those snow-white birds in front of us. They’re imposters. They’re frauds. They’re white swan impersonators. They’re really gray, nasty swans…with mean tempers and prone to sudden acts of violence…”

What the heck is he on about? Find out here.

Dan’s Trade of 2011

The New York Times quotes dozens of geologists, lawyers, analysts and calls the shale gas industry a giant, Enron-style Ponzi scheme. Dan begs to differ. Find out why here.

The REAL Reason Markets Fell in 2011

Was it the paralysis in Washington? Or falling property prices in Beijing? Or maybe stocks fell because of the European debt crisis? Nope. Here Bill shares the REAL reason a lot of investors sold their stocks last year.

Happy Birthday Mrs Bonner!

Bill’s mum turns 90… and, to celebrate, Bill reveals the secret to investing in a Great Correction.

Are You In Or Out of Gold in 2012?

Gold has been going up for 11 years straight. It needs to settle down. Rest. Catch its breath. And, like a lover, it needs to test its most ardent admirers. Should you be in or out of gold in 2012? Find Bill’s answer here.

Dan Denning
Dan Denning examines the geopolitical and economic events that can affect your investments domestically. He raises the questions you need to answer, in order to survive financially in these turbulent times.

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