The House of Cards is Teetering

It’s been an exciting day in Baltimore.

A few short hours ago, I sat among a crowd of investors in the Grand Ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel. They had come from far and wide…Florida, Texas, Wyoming…and all for the same reason.

We had all come to see investment strategist, hedge fund lawyer and intelligence advisor Jim Rickards unveil his new, revolutionary way of evaluating the financial system.

When we arrived, all we knew about Jim’s models and theories was a single phrase — ‘House of Cards’.

In fact, ‘House of Cards’ was the name of the symposium. You can see it in the photo I snapped below of the line of attendees queuing for Jim to sign their copy of his new book, The Big Drop.

For a limited time, you can claim your free copy of The Big Drop right here.

When Jim took to the stage, the crowd became hushed.

What he revealed was provocative…insightful…and inspiring.

It was provocative because he described — specifically — how the officials who steer economic policy are literally making things up as they go along.

Jim showed us deep parallels between our world today and past societies on the edge of collapse. His analysis reveals the pile-up of risks that will precipitate the next global financial meltdown.

It was insightful because Jim bases the core of his thesis directly on an applied science called ‘non-equilibrium physics’…or ‘complexity theory’.

Academics use this science to forecast everything from forest fires to traffic patterns to the spreading of epidemics. In fact, this is literally used in rocket science to develop new missile defence systems.

Few scholars have thought to apply complexity theory to investing. But Jim’s gone beyond that.

You see, complexity theory is just one of three interlocking planks to Jim’s model…

I made a beeline for Jim after his address…because I wanted to quiz him on how exactly his ‘House of Card’ thesis applies to Aussie investors. His answers will inspire you to change the way you think about wealth creation and preservation. Here you can see Jim answering my questions on camera.

No Australian investor can afford to miss Jim’s insight.

Access to the video we shot at the Four Seasons…a full review of the House of Cards Symposium…actionable advice for Aussie investors based on Jim’s financial model…and more…will be reserved exclusively for subscribers to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

Everything you need to get started, including your free copy of Jim’s new book The Big Drop, is available right here.

When you discover what Jim revealed today, I’m utterly convinced that you’ll find it every bit as provocative and inspiring as I did. But most importantly, you’ll be glad you gave yourself the tools to protect yourself from the next global financial crisis.


Tim Dohrmann,
Editor, Strategic Intelligence

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