The War on Terror Has Morphed Al-Qaeda Into a More Formidable Enemy

How’s the war on terror going? We don’t hear very much about it. But it’s the justification for hundreds of billions of spending, not to mention wire-tapping, Guantanamo and water-boarding. You’d think we’d hear more reports from the frontlines…about the battles and casualties. Why not? Maybe no one really cares. The Pentagon has its money. The feds have their new powers. Maybe nobody really thought that terrorism was much of a threat in the first place. Here at Markets and Money, we always considered it just a bugaboo. This just in:

“Study Criticizes ‘War on Terror’; Calls for Law-Enforcement Approach

“The publication of ‘How Terrorist Groups End’ – a thorough new report by RAND, a think-tank with historic ties to the U.S. military – vindicates critics of the ‘global war on terror’ who have argued that a law-enforcement approach to fighting al-Qaeda, rather than a military war, with all the bluntness that wars entail, would have been better for protecting Americans. ‘The report concluded that the administration’s war on terrorism has not significantly degraded al- Qaeda and that the group has morphed into a more formidable enemy,’ writes Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and director of the Center on Peace & Liberty.”

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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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