There’s a very disturbing and common thread through the thoughts of every Australian who retires or is getting close to stopping work.

If you worry about:

  • the volatility and uncertainty of financial market returns
  • inflation destroying the value of your hard earned money
  • and running out of cash before you die

…then you’re not alone.

HSBC released a study last September showing that after-retirement money worries are higher here in Australia than they are in the United States and the UK.

But Nick Hubble — an independent retirement expert — says a recent change on the ASX means retirees can finally access investments their counterparts overseas have long had access to.

This means retirees can easily create what he calls a ‘security ladder’.

It can give retirees a predictable and reliable income, he says, no matter what happens in the wider economy or financial markets. It can get rid of the common fears above with minimal hassle too because it’s still as simple as buying shares online.

Hubble is the editor of the retirement-focused The Money for Life Letter and has agreed to make available a report — for free — that includes his full research.

The Money for Life Letter is an advisory that includes strategies on how to save cash, find attractive overseas destinations, and most importantly, invest strategically for income and capital growth.

For example, Hubble tipped dairy producer Warrnambool Cheese and Butter before the company became the target of a bidding war that has driven the stock price from $3.80 to today’s $9.42.

But Hubble says before anyone even thinks about investing in either real estate or shares, they need to take care to secure their income first.

In this free report, he shows why this is so important, and the difference it can make to any retirement.

Editor’s Note: for a limited time, Nick Hubble is making his report available at no charge. We strongly encourage you to check out this important analysis. You’ll discover what can make the difference between a worry-free lifestyle as a retiree or being left vulnerable to the whims of financial markets.

Nick Hubble

Nick Hubble is editor of The Money for Life Letter and feature contributor of Markets and Money. Having gained degrees in Finance, Economics and Law from the prestigious Bond University, Nick completed an internship at probably the most famous investment bank in the world, where he discovered what the financial world was really like. He then spent the last three years discovering lots of new, exciting and surprisingly simple ways to generate money for retirement. You can learn about these ideas in The Money for Life Letter.

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