Trump: The Die Is Cast!

Editor’s Note: This article was published on 21 Saturday, 2017.

The die is cast.

Julius Caesar, after crossing the Rubicon

This week, Team Trump made its triumphant march into Washington.

Yesterday, the president-elect paid his respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, admired his new hotel in Washington, and quipped that his cabinet had the highest IQs of any on record.

But the sweetest moment…the delicious, savoury victory…will come today, when, to the great relief and applause of millions of adoring fans, ‘The Donald’ becomes the 45th president of the United States of America.

When we were in the third grade, our teacher told us that ‘anyone can grow up to become president.’ We looked around the room and had our doubts.

Now we have proof.

Trump’s Long march

Trump’s long march began at least 20 years ago, when he first publicly toyed with the idea of running for president.

Over the years, unbeknownst to anyone, perhaps even to himself, he made his connections, mapped out his campaign, and assembled his troops.

At first, when he appeared as a contender, commentators ridiculed him. He had ‘no experience,’ they said. He was ‘temperamentally unsuited’ to high office. He was this. He was that. But what he wasn’t was discouraged.

As unlikely as it seemed, the upstart politician from Queens crossed the Hudson and brought novel new technology and shocking new tactics to the presidential contest — including disarming tweets and surprise attacks.

Instead of sticking to conventional movements and rigid positions, Trump rounded on his enemies and outflanked them time and again.

Trump seemed to outrage all the major constituent parts of the electorate at once, but he was hard to stop. He knocked out ‘Little Marco’ Rubio. He decked John Kasich. And then he hammered, one after another, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson.

Finally, this new Pompey of reality TV, this Bonaparte of the hospitality industry, faced two of America’s greatest imperial families.

Road to Rome

The Bushes and the Clintons are staunch defenders of the Deep State, wise to the ways of the media and politics, and they had the support of the rich and powerful patrician classes of Wall Street, Northern Virginia, Georgetown, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Silicon Valley.

But despite all their experience and money, Trump swept them from the field.

And then the road to Rome was wide open, with the remaining defenders either preparing a bitter rear-guard resistance movement…or joining the invading legions. Within minutes of the election victory, for example, the Wall Street-military-crony establishment was on board with Trump.

Goldman Sachs’ revenues in the fourth quarter of 2016 rose 78% over the same period a year earlier. Many Goldman captains found their skills in demand with the Trump forces and are now in the vanguard of the army investing the capital.

So, let the triumph begin!


Bill Bonner,
For Markets and Money, Australia

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