What Caused Yowie Share Price to Rise So High?

Today shares of Yowie Group Ltd [ASX:YOW] grew by a staggering 25%. At time of writing they are trading at 25 cents a share.

Yowie’s market cap currently sits at $27.093 million, with an enterprise valued at -$2.24 million.

New ventures

Yowie has recently partnered with Icon Animation to develop a series of short animations based on the Yowie characters.

The animated series will feature a total of seven episodes, the first six of which will introduce their characters, and the seventh will see them collaborate together.

Icon animation are partners with Mel Gibson and Bruce Davey, both of whom are pleased to be a part of Yowies project and are looking forward to seeing the end result.

Yowie want to increase the overall awareness of their brand’s characters.

The company has continued its distribution growth across the United States.

They are confident in the long-term potential for scaling Yowie across the North American region. A wildlife conservation society will further accelerate their venture.

Yowie is primarily focused on expanding their global market opportunity. Despite their ambition to further develop its brand, Yowie predict that their overall sales performance over the course of 2018 will be flat.

What’s next for Yowie?

Yowie are primarily aiming to expand its brand and diversify its revenue over the horizon.

The company’s point of departure will focus on marketing, in order to target impacts which will further prompt sales efficiency.

More product attention will be required to hasten the overall expansion of distribution.

Yowie will focus on cost-containment with a target of rapidly shifting to a new wave of profitability.

In order to properly expand in the US, Yowie are going all out to manage their upfront competition from across major US channels.

Part of their strategy will be to build the Yowie brand across their cartoon and its educational book series.

The book series has already seen a positive result, as its 2018 promotion has seen the distribution through to 90% of Australian schools and 75% of NZ public schools.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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