What is Happening to Automotive Holdings Group LTD’s Share price?

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What’s happening to AHG Ltd’s share price?

In today’s trading, Automotive Holdings Group Ltd [ASX:AHG], Australia’s largest car retailer by sales, broke into all-time highs. This is a company I wrote about in an earlier update on March 12.

What is the chart telling you?

As always, I find it useful to bring up a chart. Here’s the monthly of AHG Ltd.

AGH Ltd ran further in today’s trading into all-time highs, the stock has never been higher in its history.

What now for AHG Ltd?

Well it’s early days, however, if the stock should continue to run further and make a significant break, this will tell you that revenues are improving for the group. But more broadly, it would indicate new car sales are improving. If new car sales are improving then perhaps the economy is not as weak as many write. We just have to wait and see if it should make a significant break to confirm this.

You should start to read about the economy through the charts rather than through the financial press. What you are reading in the financial news today is months behind what you are reading about in the charts. If this intrigues you go here to find out how you can get a better reading of the economy through the charts.
Terence Duffy,
Research Analyst, Cycles, Trends and Forecasts

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