What is Happening to the Isentia Group Share Price?

What Does Isentia Do?

Isienta Group Limited [ASX:ISD] is a media intelligence company. It monitors and analyses news and social media to provide insights and data to customers such as leading brands and governments. It operates in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

What’s Happening to the Isentia Share Price?

While the origins of the company go back a long way, Isentia only listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in June 2014.
Here is a daily chart of the stock:

Source: STEX

On the 18th of February the company released a positive first half year result. You can see the market liked the news and began to price in stronger earnings to come for the company. It’s mostly been trading between $3.40 and $3.60 for the last couple of months. It broke higher today to trade at $3.80.

What Now for Isentia?

On the 7th of this month the company released the slides from a Macquarie Australia presentation. The company reaffirmed its earning forecasts from its prospectus.
The company is certainly testament to the fact there are plenty of profitable opportunities to be found in stocks, despite some doomsayer suggesting otherwise. For more on why that is, go here.

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