What is Happening to the Share Price of Tech Mpire Ltd?

What does Tech Mpire Ltd do?

This is a follow up posting on Tech Mpire Ltd [ASX:TMP] that I wrote on 10 July 2015, which you can find here. You might remember Tech Mpire Ltd, is a digital performance based advertising business which connects advertisers with targeted consumers.

Their model turns traditional advertising on its head by only charging clients if results are achieved. It’s a model where there is no risk for advertisers. If no results are achieved, there is nothing to pay.

A lucky call

In my previous posting I said:

‘The company expects to release full quarter revenue results to the market in the coming weeks. One might expect those results to be positive. Let’s wait and see.’

Well today the company announced news to the market, ‘revenue for the June quarter up 73% on the March quarter.’

Just a lucky call on that one, you can get lucky sometimes.

You too can make some lucky calls with a little charting knowledge. Go here to find out more.

Anyway, what does the chart look like now?

What does the chart look like now?

I personally find it helpful to bring up a chart. Here’s the daily chart of TMP updated:

Tech Mpire

Source: STEX

The share price had another big day out today on this positive news, reaching a high of 68 cents.

What now for TMP shares?

It’s just had positive news, we’ll have to watch it to see how it reacts. That will tell us what the future holds for TMP shares.

As mentioned in my previous posting, conceivably you could have been in this stock late April and into May. And in light of today’s news, you could have also applied some risk management to that.

The internet advertising industry which is connecting advertisers with targeted consumers and in this instance, with the advertisers only paying for results is a new world which is starting to put the longer term advertising revenues for free to air television in a difficult spot.

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