What’s Happening to the Share Price of Sedgman Ltd?

Iron ore mining

What does Sedgman Ltd do?

Sedgman Ltd [ASX:SDM] provides mineral processing and associated infrastructure works to the global resources industry. It also has capability across all mineral sectors.

But what is the chart telling us?

What does the chart look like?

I find it helpful to bring up a chart. Here’s the daily chart of SDM.


Source: STEX

From the release of the very positive, half yearly report it in late February, this stock has basically gone sideways for the last three and a half months. A strong break either way will tell you if SDM is growing revenue or not.

What now for SDM shares?

A little down in today’s trading, it is a stock that you could keep an eye on. It has found support at a level of around 70 cents. A break of this support, or over prior tops, will tell you what lies ahead for this company. Let’s wait and see.

You just need a little charting knowledge to take advantage of any potential move. You can get that chart reading knowledge here. You remain at a substantial investment disadvantage without it.

Terence Duffy,
Research Analyst, Cycles, Trends and Forecasts

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Terence Duffy

Terence Duffy

Terence Duffy is an analyst and chartist, specialising in researching economic trends and cycles.  His primary focus is housing and land affordability. But you can also depend on him to offer his unique analysis of stock market charts.

As Terence will show you, the charts often forecast, well in advance, the good or bad news to come — which he details in Cycles, Trends and Forecasts.

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