What’s Happening to the Yowie Share Price?

What Does Yowie Do?

Yowie Group Limited [ASX:YOW] is a licencing company which, under the Yowie brand, sells character branded chocolate treats and other (food and non food) consumer products. It’s also developing a digital platform. It’s building a presence in the biggest consumer market in the world — the United States.

What’s Happening to the Yowie Share Price?

Here is a daily chart of the stock…

Source: STEX

In late January the company completed a $10 million capital raising. It has established a distribution network across the United States and also holds an exclusive patent in the US to commercialise embbeded toys in its chocolates. It’s now rolling out its product across some major US chains.

What Now for Yowie Group?

The company announced today that ‘the Yowie confectionery product will rollout nationally across the U.S. into approximately 4300 Walmart stores from August 2015.’
This came after a successful trial of the company’s products in 50 Walmart stores in Texas. Walmart is the largest grocery retailer in the US.

After this news, at the time of writing today, Yowie is up 17% and trading at $0.895..
It will be most interesting to watch Yowie following this announcement. Let’s wait and see for now.
But should the company break into all-time highs, you will know the market’s verdict on the growth prospects of these new developments.

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