Why Domain’s Share Price is Down a Further 7% Today

At time of writing, shares in Domain Holdings Australia Limited [ASX:DHG] are down a further 7.4% today.

Trading at $2.58, this represents its lowest share price since it first came on the market in November 2017.

Take a look at its steep plunge below:

domain holdings monthly chart

Source: marketindex.com.au

Last week we covered Domain’s crushing 12.8% loss.

This week seems to be going much the same.

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Continuing negative sentiment from last week

Last week brought a negative reaction due to softening revenue numbers coming out of the company.

This week brings a continuation of that sentiment, perhaps increased by further downward movements of Fairfax Media Limited [ASX:FXJ].

It is important to know that both these companies’ futures are linked, as Fairfax owns 51% of Domain.

Today, Fairfax’s share price is down 1.9% and the company buying Fairfax, Nine Entertainment is also down 3.8%.

Difficult media environment hurting Domain

Domain is struggling to monetise its digital product quick enough to cope with a drop in its print products — losing 1% in revenue this year.

Digital transformation has been hard on traditional media outlets, and has affected a range of media stocks.

For instance, Seven West Media is down to 82 cents from a high of $7.31 in December 2009.

Adding to their difficulty in doing this is the fact that REA, owner of realestate.com.au, is dominating Domain in revenue.

Domain’s revenue is 26.6% of REA’s and as a result it is trying to diversify its revenue streams.

For instance, Domain is currently investing in its transaction services which include utility switching, loan and insurance products — but this sector is yet to become profitable.

Only time will tell if this strategy will pay off, but for now it looks like tough times for Domain.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Market & Money

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