Why has New Century Resources’ Share Price Risen by 5.14%?

New Century Resources Limited’s [ASX:NCZ] share price increased by 5.14%, on news that the company plans to become a globally significant zinc producer.

New Century’s shares are currently sitting at $1.33, up from yesterday’s price of $1.27.

What’s next for New Century Resources’ mining operations?

In an investor presentation for the North American Roadshow, New Century announced that the company will be restarting its Century mines operations, as part of their plan to become one of the top 10 producers of zinc in the world.

A feasibility study is currently underway to determine the mine life expansion of the site, although it has been confirmed that operations are fully-funded and scheduled for August 2018.

The presentation stated that New Century is forecast to be the largest new producer of zinc globally for the next four years.

It seems the highly attractive economics for zinc over the next 10 years, with global demand predicted to grow by 2% annually, has investors interested.

What can we expect to see from New Century Resources?

The mining company has experienced huge growth since listing on the ASX in 2014, increasing its share value by over 478%.

Moving forward, New Century have made it very clear that they intend to become a significant player in global zinc supply. If the company can reach this goal and continue to grow, it could be assumed that their share price will follow shortly after.

Dannielle Rawlings

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