Why is Macquarie Group Limited Share Price Up 2.11% Today?

Macquarie Group Ltd [ASX: MQG] has risen by 2.11% since the markets closed on Friday. As one of the banking giants of Australia, Macquarie Group has served Australians since 1970.

This marks the hi ghest share price they have reached in the last 10 years.

Why has Macquarie Group share price risen 2.11%?

Such an increase is likely because of their most recent news regarding the Macquarie Group Capital Notes 3 Offer, or MCN3.

For those who don’t know, this means they will soon start borrowing money from investors and pay them back bit by bit. This new hybrid security mixes some of the features of fixed interest and shares.

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For banks such as Macquarie Group Ltd, this makes them more stable and draws sources of income from additional places. It perfectly backs their company vision of diversity and inclusion.

For investors, it’s the bank that would owe them money for a change.

Where is Macquarie headed next?

This type of trading is not without risk. If a trigger event arises, both the bank and investors could stand to suffer large losses before a slow recovery.

But that is yet to come. For now, Macquarie Group, investors and customers alike, could all make much more money — provided they use resources to create even more growth in the right areas.

And with a history of nearly 50 years’ profit, one would expect them to know what they’re doing.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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