Why PPK Group Ltd’s Share price Jumped 31.25% Today

At the time of writing, shares of PPK Group Ltd [ASX:PPK] are up by 31.25%, to 42 cents per share.

The company announced a binding agreement with one of Australia’s leading technology companies, Australian Innovation Centre Pty Ltd (AICIC). AICIC owns 50% of BNNT Technology Ltd, a joint venture between the AICIC and Deakin University. The team plan to commercialise Deakin University’s patented Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) Manufacturing Technology.

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PPK Group Ltd’s share price a good sign for shareholders

The share price reacted strongly to the favourable news:PPK Group Ltd's Share price

Source: CommSec

PPK Group has been in a strong uptrend for the past year. That’s a good sign for shareholders and it suggests the market’s excited about the future. Mind you, it’s easy to see why. Commenting in today’s announcement, Professor Ying (Ian) Chen ― the Chair in Nanotechnology at Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Metals ― described BNNTs as (with my emphasis added):

One of the strongest and lightest nanofibers known to man and in some applications are a giant leap forward from graphene and carbon fibre products. They are seen as a revolutionary breakthrough in creating super strong, lightweight composite materials such as steel, aluminium, titanium, glass and plastic in entirely new forms.

BNNTs are an advanced new nanomaterial that have superior mechanical properties, excellent thermal conductivity, optical and infrared transparency, thermal and chemical stability, neutron shielding capability, electrical insulation properties and extreme flexibility.

For example, BNNTs are stronger than highstrength steel and industrial-grade carbon fibre, while they are as light as carbon fibre. When used in the manufacture of new composite materials, potential applications include the nextgeneration of fighter jets, spacecraft, bullet-proof vests, transparent armour, heat sink for electronics, lighter-weight vehicles, safer lithium-ion batteries and sporting goods.

BNNT was discovered by Professor Richard Smalley (Nobel Prize, Chemistry, 1996). Professor Smalley stated in today’s announcement, ‘The nanotube is the strongest fiber that you can make out of anything, ever.’ Remember, it has only been possible to produce BNNT in very small ‘laboratory scale’ quantities of just a few grams per day. That’s why it has been almost impossible to commercialise…until now.

Bottom line for PPK Group Ltd shares

PPK Group are on the forefront of developing a revolutionary technology. That said, despite the strong uptrend and ongoing positive news, it’s still early days for shareholders. The company needs to commercialise its product. When that happens, assuming the profit margins are attractive and the company can produce decent volumes, the share price should explode towards and beyond the $1 mark.


Jason Stevenson,
Resources Analyst, Markets & Money

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