Why Small-Caps Could Be Set for Huge Gains

We all love a good underdog story.

There’s something universally uplifting about witnessing the smaller player overcome all the odds to beat their larger adversary.

It’s more appealing still when the success of that underdog is making you rich.

Small-cap stocks can certainly provide this satisfaction if you have your bet on the right ones. The ones that are quietly working away, out of sight from the mainstream, to create revolutionary innovation from technology that already exists.

When it comes to blockchain technology in particular, it really is the perfect underdog. The tech behind it poses a challenge to the very way we conduct our lives, and the companies that facilitate it.

For example, just 10 years ago, it wouldn’t have been unimaginable that Facebook, the product of a 19-year-old dropout, would be worth US$71 billion in 2017. Or that a single bitcoin worth less than US$1 in 2009 would skyrocket to over US$5,000 today.

But those companies and their investors made it happen. And those who believed in those crazy ideas back then have no regrets today.

Don’t fret if you missed this first tech boom, though. There is new tech coming out of blockchain that is even more revolutionary than Facebook, and you can be part of it.

If you’ve been reading Markets & Money this week, you’ll know that Ryan has been talking all week about a pivotal change taking place in the near future. He is ahead of the herd in spotting a fundamental shift that will change how we live and invest. And it’s led by just a few small-cap stocks.

Risk really does equal reward. So when it comes to blue-chip stocks, they simply don’t have the potential to provide investors with great returns. In contrast, although small-cap stocks are vulnerable to intense fluctuations as the market moves, they can perform at both extremes. A well-informed pick could mean the potential to make extraordinary, life- changing gains.

It’s an exciting thing when you find a company at the start of its journey. A feeling akin to being on the cusp of immense change, like the launch of the smartphone in 2007.

Remember: All big things start out small. And these tiny stocks, which are under the radar right now, are at the forefront of a potentially explosive investment boom in 2018.

And it all kicks off in November.

Stay tuned, because next Tuesday Ryan releases the research he has been conducting over the past few months. What he’s found could change the game as we know it. 

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On Tuesday, Shae noted that, since the 1960s, returns on Aussie property have been increasing exponentially. But in that same timeframe, interest rates have been plummeting. The cash rate now sits at the record low of 1.5%. However, as consumption growth has plateaued in Australia, the RBA is unlikely to raise interest rates anytime soon. Based on the assessments of various central banks, we should expect more of the same.

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On Wednesday, Ryan continued to hint at his big discovery. Since 2011, the internet has been facilitating new business models. Ones that are instant and user-focused, like Uber and bitcoin. Due to their success, you might think we are already living in a digital era. But the real technological revolution is yet to come. Something even more profitable than bitcoin is coming, and Ryan has exclusive insight into what it is.

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On Thursday, Matt reflected on one of the most dismal moments in ASX history — the market crash of 1987. The aftermath of this period brought to light the companies with the flimsiest business models. However, he also noted that some companies thrive during such downturns.

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Ever been told you can’t outperform the market? This is what economic professors around the country want to you think.

On Friday, Ryan explained why this idea is ridiculous, and how you could create a fortune by doing the opposite. There are risks involved, but the returns could be well worth it.

Ryan shows readers how they could potentially earn returns exponentially greater than the market. But you’ll need to follow the right trends. Find out which trend Ryan is talking about and how you could grow a small investment into a fortune right here.


Katie Johnson,

For Markets & Money

Katherine Johnson, usually going by just ‘Katie’, is a member of Port Phillip Publishing’s editorial team, as well as the Editor of the Saturday edition of Markets & Money. Katie works with all of your editors to maintain the quality of their research and analysis. In her Saturday Markets & Money articles she specialises in cryptocurrency and technology stories, and brings you a recap of the week from your other Markets and Money editors.

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