Why the CSL Share Price Broke Through $100 Today

What Happened to CSL Ltd’s Share Price?

Shares in Australia’s biggest biopharma company, CSL Ltd [ASX:CSL], hit a nice milestone in today’s bullish session on the Aussie stock market. CSL rose by nearly 2% today to finish above $100 per share for the second time.

CSL has passed the $100 mark once previously, in September 2007. Shortly after that achievement, in October 2007, shareholders approved a three-for-one stock split.

Since then, the company has enjoyed a fantastic run, more than doubling in value over the past three years.

Why Did This Happen to CSL Shares?

Yesterday morning, CSL completed its acquisition of the Novartis AG [VTX:NOVN] flu vaccine business.

The market got wind of this tie-up back in October 2014, but confirmation that the US$275 million transaction is a done deal gave CSL shares a lift. Investors approve of the scale that this deal will give CSL in a US$4 billion global market.

More broadly, CSL is a big player in industries with high barriers to entry that shows investors a real record of turning R&D spend into new products that deliver returns.

What Now for CSL Ltd?

CSL shares have had a great run because the firm is one of the best-positioned competitors in several attractive industries. Plenty of potential catalysts could propel CSL’s share price beyond $100 — including Chinese plasma demand growth and favourable currency movements.

But with the stock trading at lofty valuations by anyone’s standards, it’s hard to recommend opening a new position in CSL at these levels. You can get much better bang for your buck elsewhere in the Aussie stock market.

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Cheers, Tim Dohrmann
Editor, Money Morning

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