bull market lives on
Why the US Dollar Matters for Gold
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Remember, a weaker US dollar generally boosts gold prices. Which begs the question: If the dollar keeps falling, will gold break out into a bull market?
Inflated Egos…Deflated Economy
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Cash is the most unloved asset class at present. Which is precisely why it should be the most valuable one in your portfolio.
Glimpsing the Future of Technology
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Those working on the original computer likely never imagined birthing a new asset class. But that’s what technology does. It opens doors to imagination.
apple logo in NYC
Copy Apple and Focus on What’s Important
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You don’t need a university degree or fancy trading software to be a successful investor. In fact, you don’t even need to be that smart.
How to Capture a Share Price Move
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Have you ever wondered how you can capture big share-price moves even if you have no idea which direction the share price will go? Find out how here.
The Seven-Year Equities Bull Market Lives On
By |
There haven’t been any major defaults across the financial system. Before the 2008 financial crash, there were plenty. So, where’s the immediate risk?
The Squeeze is On at The Margins
By |
An economy doesn’t need to collapse to create hardship...it only has to contract at the margins.
Time money business concept
The No. 1 Worst Time-Killer
By |
If you want to not only achieve your goals but also have time to enjoy the ‘little’ things in life, you need to eliminate your energy-sapping time-killers
This Popular Belief Can Hold You Back
By |
What do movies sequels and trading have in common? Just like the movies, many people assume the original is the best. But these trades could make your year.
Strategically Investing With Gold
By |
Gold’s vicious selloff has destroyed investor morale. It’s trading at US$1,216.50 per ounce this morning — a four-month low.
Why Gold Goes Up
By |
Gold dropped sharply yesterday. The yellow metal fell about 1% to as low as $1,236. A ‘fat finger’ was blamed, meaning it was probably a mistake.
The Critical Price Level for Gold
By |
The volatile gold price has caused more than a few headaches. Without a sustained break higher, investors are becoming disenfranchised towards gold.
cash economy - digitised currency
Perpetually Greedy and One Step Behind
By |
Government officials and agencies have turned a blind eye towards reality. The reality of the booming world of cryptocurrencies.
The End of Cash and the Start of the Cryptoconomy
By |
The cryptoconomy is a digital economy made up of hundreds of different kinds of ‘currency’. Which means there is no physical note or coin that they are based on.
Tesla company logo on building
Tesla’s PR Machine Wins Again
By |
When it comes to Tesla, its more about public relations than it is about actual solutions...or profitability.
Why Janet Yellen Doesn’t Have a Clue
By |
Janet Yellen will also be in for a rude shock. The world is facing a major financial crisis...and yes, it will come in our lifetime.
Iron Ore is in a Bull Market?
By |
Iron ore has entered a bull market, according to RBC Capital Markets. The investment bank is bullish for September, as it expects Chinese mills to boost steel output.
Why You Should Buy Vanadium Stocks — Part 2
By |
I tipped what I believe are the two best vanadium stocks on the ASX. If vanadium prices keep going up as I expect, both stocks look primed to take off.
The Smartphone Losers
By |
It’s probably no surprise that some big-name tech stocks are struggling with the relentless smartphone expansion. Especially the single product companies.

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