bitcoin belief
What Bitcoin and Scientology Have in Common
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Are people really and truly believing that blockchain is ‘it’. That some child genius, who knows no barriers, won’t be able to create something better…ever? And therein lies the common thread that scientologists have with crypto buyers: unquestioned belief.
Don’t Want US Dollars? Neither Does China…
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The US dollar may no longer be at the centre of the fiat currency system. China is slowly preparing the world for a time when the US dollar isn’t the heartbeat of the financial system. And it will have catastrophic consequences for the greenback.
The Tourism Boom No One Is Talking About
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Australia is going through a tourist boom, yet you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone talking about it. Many of the big cap stocks are slugging it out to ratchet up minimal growth. However, there are other less well-known companies that have been investing to capture this growth in international tourists.
Why Australia Has Misjudged Amazon
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Amazon isn’t coming to sink Aussie retail. Consumers have already done a decent enough job of that themselves. Amazon’s arrival in Australia could be more to do with growing an integral part of the company’s business that people often overlook.
Australian interest rates
ANZ Economist Predicts Aussie Interest Rate Rise
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For a while now, I’ve been convinced the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) wouldn’t increase interest rates any time soon. My reasoning is based on low income growth, households drowning in debt, and inflation showing little sign of hitting targets of 2–3%.
Profiting in a Low Interest Rate Environment
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RBA released the minutes of their 5 September Monetary Policy Meeting. Various members of the RBA discussed topics ranging from employment to wage growth and housing activity, and what these could mean for interest rates going forward.
How Water Trading Boosts Aussie House Prices
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The water trading plan calls for each apartment to have a quota of free rainwater from the communal tank. The unused part of the quota could be traded to other residents for a reduced water bill. More people, higher density, innovation and new technology…and up goes the land price.
US Oil and Gas Face Serious Turbulence
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The biggest losers on the market were gas and oil futures. Bloomberg has reported gas futures for October dipped 9.8 US cents — or 3.2% — to US$2.972 earlier this week. Meanwhile, oil futures have been mixed overnight in US trading.
Aussie dollar news
Aussie Dollar Highs Amid Cautious Optimism
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The dollar creeped higher against the greenback overnight, even peaking over US 80 cents at one stage. It came as the US dollar slid lower, and an uptick in commodity prices. It has since slid back under the US 80 cent mark, but some analysts believe it will rise again.
Forget Bitcoin…Buy Commodities Instead
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I believe it’s best to stick with private assets that have stood the test of time: precious metals and commodities. They are less volatile than cryptocurrencies. Historically, commodities have outperformed during all wars. With tensions rising in North Korea and the Middle East, resource stocks are a no-brainer for now in my view.
Gold Prices Could Move a Lot Higher
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Gold prices have hit 100-month highs as investors start flocking to the shiny safe haven asset. A lot of the analysis out there is putting the recent surge down to the tensions in North Korea. And this is certainly a contributing factor.
world markets
The Two Biggest Events Driving World Markets
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There are two very important events occurring this week. However, you’d be forgiven for not knowing they were happening. For currency traders, this news means the US dollar should remain weak, keeping the euro higher for the rest of the year.
Why Bankers Don’t Like Bitcoin
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Bankers feel threatened by disruptive currencies like bitcoin. And so they should be. Cryptocurrencies will do to the financial system what the internet did to the media. People will be able to choose another form of money that is beyond the government’s control.
institutional investors
Why You Shouldn’t Emulate Institutional Investors
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These institutional investors have multiple degrees and years’ worth of experience. They really are smart, make no mistake. However in some respects, they have to face headwinds like size. And of course they’re all still human…I think, which means they also make mistakes.
Bargain Buyers Jump On Telstra Shares
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Telstra climbed up 3.2% today. Yet, the gain did little to soften its 27% decline year-to-date. Let’s face it, unless you bought Telstra in 2011, the stock hasn’t been a good investment, encouraging many investors to hang on to their dividend.
Don’t Get Caught Chasing Yield
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Remember when you could earn more than 10% on government bonds? Yeah, neither do I. However, for almost a decade, from 1980 to mid-1989, the Aussie 10-year bond was trading at such a yield.

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