How to Trade a Marine Le Pen Upset
By |
A Marine Le Pen victory is the perfect event for a stock market correction. So, how should you trade a Le Pen victory? It’s simple...
This Is Your Edge on the Share Trading Pros
By |
Some weeks haven’t seen any buys at all. I know this isn’t what many people imagine share trading is like. But there’s a bit more to it…
How Activist Investors Are Unlocking Value
By |
This is why we need activist investors to help sort (that, is sell off) the bad apples before it spoils the whole bunch for the company.
Profiting from the War Profiteers
By |
With the arms race heating up, you’re staring at a unique opportunity to ‘profit from the war profiteers’ by investing in lithium stocks today.
An Ode to Bankers
By |
So, rather than directing another tired invective at the Reserve Bank, today’s Markets & Money is playing the devil’s advocate.
Fed Will Blink
By |
Hey, no problem…says the Fed. There is plenty of this fake money for everyone. Now the central bank can conjure up credit money — out of nowhere!
The Monkeys on Your Back
By |
The question is: Just how often do you engage in monkey business? And is it of your own volition, or are you falling prey to it?
Where to Put Your Money Now
By |
Now we find ourselves making money. What to do with it? Stocks? Bonds? Cash? Gold? Real estate? Let’s back up and work through the choices…
The Best Gold Stocks to Buy
By |
Penny gold stocks are already hated, with expectations low. In a depressed gold environment, these stocks can easily outperform.
Gold’s Supply-Demand Rumour Blown Apart
By |
Rising demand — especially across India, China and Russia — and falling supply for gold has supported the bull’s camp for some time.
Putting Beggars Out of Business
By |
You won’t be surprised to hear that Australia is well on its way to becoming a cashless society. But it might shock you to learn how far we’ve already come.
Why Gold Bulls Are Laughing…
By |
Gold bulls are laughing. The yellow metal surged about $30 per ounce over the past week, trading at US$1,256.80 at time of writing.
Donald Trump Owns the Fed, the Dollar and Gold
By |
Trump has the opportunity to fill more seats on the Fed’s board of Governors than any president since then. His influence goes further than that, however.
Why Gold Bulls Love Yellen
By |
If we hear any dovish comments on interest rates this week, gold could keep pushing higher into next week.
‘The Donald’ at Bat
By |
If ‘The Donald’ were to propose real reform, it would bring the whole Deep State down on his head with a ferocity never before seen in American politics.
Central Banks’ $13 Trillion Problem
By |
Central banks began buying debt eight years ago. Now they own $13 trillion of it. Hey, it was fun, wasn’t it? Now all they have to do is sell it.
The Last Time This Happened Was in 2008
By |
When people earn less, they pass less in taxes. A decline in tax receipts means that something real is happening in the economy.

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