oil stocks
The ‘Good’ News for ASX Oil Stocks
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Pay attention to what’s happening in the Middle East. If Saudi Arabia makes another unpredictable move — one which could happen at any time — it could be good news for ASX-listed crude and oil stocks.
Why Your Kids Are Buying into ‘Bitcoin Mania’
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The younger generation has seen what happens when ‘trusted’ parties decide the value of assets. It makes sense that they don’t have the same blind faith or optimism investors did decades ago. Cryptocurrencies offer them freedom from this. A rare chance to shun the system that shunned them.
Saudi Arabia’s Gambit to Boost Oil Prices
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To break even next year, Saudi Arabia needs oil prices to stay above US$70 per barrel. I believe there’s an extremely low chance of oil prices staying above that level, let alone hitting it. That is, unless a major war breaks out in the Middle East. That’s why Saudi Arabia appears to want a bigger war in the region to drive crude prices sharply higher.
What America’s Top 10 Companies Say about the Future
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A hundred years ago, the biggest businesses in the US were involved in the steel and oil industries. And then we come to today. The five biggest companies by market cap in the US are all tech firms, with three major banks rounding out the top 10. This tells you something important.
Your Country Needs You to Start Spending
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Aussie retail is in trouble. And the trouble has nothing to do with Amazon setting up shop in Australia. Yes, retailers are up against falling prices. Yet, thanks to the internet, you can wait it out until they offer you a price that suits you. Aussie retailers now have massive international chains to compete with.
The Health of Your Wealth Is at Risk
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The global economy’s absolute dependency on central bank stimulants for growth has created the illusion of strength. But, in reality, it’s weakened the system to the point where our financial wellbeing is highly vulnerable to even the slightest of economic ills.
The High Stakes in Copper’s Future
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Copper prices have retreated once again. Currently, it’s down 0.8% to US$6,810 per tonne. But traders are looking to the future and in turn, the futures market. And some of the stakes are growing to extremes.
The ‘Pay Later’ Effect
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Consumption is, of course, a very important driver of the Australian economy. However, if wage growth continues to slow, and daily living costs continue to rise, Afterpay will become a key player in supporting discretionary spending — and the Australian economy.
Aussie dollar news
Aussie Dollar Highs Amid Cautious Optimism
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The dollar creeped higher against the greenback overnight, even peaking over US 80 cents at one stage. It came as the US dollar slid lower, and an uptick in commodity prices. It has since slid back under the US 80 cent mark, but some analysts believe it will rise again.
Gold price rise
Gold Mining Stocks Are Up
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Gold prices rose slightly as US President, Donald Trump elected Jerome Powell as US Federal Reserve chair. As long as the US Senate confirms his appointment, he will be replacing Janet Yellen next February.
bitcoin and banker keeping it a secret
The Banks Are Lying about Bitcoin
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Before buying into banking lies, you have to remember something important: When you take your money out of the financial system and put it into a crypto, the bank loses money. Make no mistake about it; banks want you to fear bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
The Real Reason Billionaires Are Investing in Bitcoin
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Bitcoin may hog all the headlines. But there’s something far more important driving it. Behind the gloss of a decentralised monetary system is a revolutionary piece of technology that is poised to drastically alter the way we share information.
market cycle....beware
Beware the Second Half of the Market Cycle
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The warning signals are being sounded on this extended period of excess and manipulation. We’re on the cusp of a seasonal change in market conditions…clear blue sunny skies are going to give way to a very long and very bleak winter.
Better Never than Late
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The pundits all tell us the market is only going higher from here. Let’s celebrate. Have another drink. She’ll be right mate. The GFC may well have been put to rest. However, I think GFC Mark II is beginning to stir…and this is going to be one angry bear with a very sore head.

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