small-cap big gains
Why Small-Caps Could Be Set for Huge Gains
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Small-cap stocks can certainly provide satisfaction if you have your bet on the right ones. The ones that are quietly working away, out of sight from the mainstream, to create revolutionary innovation from technology that already exists.
Blockchain Is About to Hack the Investment Code
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It’s a historic point in time. And, in my opinion, a very exciting one for investors like you. And it completely alters the investment code. Once the professional analysts realise what’s happening, the value of every single blockchain stock goes up.
Starting Next Week, Blockchain Gets Personal
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I’ve taken the helm at Markets & Money this week to give you the background on a big step-change in the blockchain space. A pivotal moment where the bitcoin boom bleeds out into everything else. And it’s a moment that’s going to occur on a specific date in November…
china economy debt
Why You Should Care About China’s ‘Minsky Moment’
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We’ve already seen it all play out in the US. Leading up to 2007, asset prices were soaring, encouraging borrowers to borrow more and lenders to lend more. But as we all found out, borrowing to buy six houses when you can only afford one eventually leads to disaster.
30 Years On…Not Much Has Changed
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Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the bleakest day in ASX history. On 20 October 1987 — 30 years ago exactly — the Australian market crashed by a massive 25%. That figure paints the day in better light than it should.
The ‘Pay Later’ Effect
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Consumption is, of course, a very important driver of the Australian economy. However, if wage growth continues to slow, and daily living costs continue to rise, Afterpay will become a key player in supporting discretionary spending — and the Australian economy.
Aussie dollar news
Aussie Dollar Highs Amid Cautious Optimism
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The dollar creeped higher against the greenback overnight, even peaking over US 80 cents at one stage. It came as the US dollar slid lower, and an uptick in commodity prices. It has since slid back under the US 80 cent mark, but some analysts believe it will rise again.
gold bull market lives on
The Looming Gold Bull Market
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The yellow metal might not break out tomorrow. But it’s bound to happen. And it should create multiple new millionaires. So, while we wait for the bull market, let’s just go with the flow. There are still big profits to be made today.
Gold Shines Bright amid Global Uncertainty
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In times like these, filled with global uncertainty, provocative presidential tweets and rogue nations, commodities are waiting with open arms. Gold in particular, provides a shiny safe haven from a rickety marketplace.   
Gold’s War of Words
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The yellow metal’s soared 13% this year. Fundamentally, the story for gold hasn’t changed. It has rallied recently on geopolitical threats and a weaker US dollar. The US dollar remains in a downtrend and global tensions, while lessening, are still there.
Is Gold Set to Boom?
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Gold’s status as a safe-haven has endured the test of time. It has been through more economic crises than any other asset and has outlived them all. It has been used as a store of value for centuries.
Why Blockchains Will Eat the World
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Just like the railways revolutionised the movement of people and goods, blockchains will revolutionise the movement of data. Until now, any transfer of value required a middleman. This one simple change — cutting out the middleman — opens up possibilities no one thought possible.
Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Cash at the Bank
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We are caught up in a fiat currency system; where governments determine the value of your money, the banks and the government can do what they like. Whereas with bitcoin, banks can’t do what they like. And governments can’t control the value of the cryptocurrency either.
financial markets
Something Drastic Has to Happen For Markets to Fall
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Surprisingly, tension between North Korea and the US has done nothing to dim investors’ confidence.  Even as missiles fly over Japan’s head, investors continue to buy equities. A reasonable explanation for why investors continue to buy, is because they’re not fazed by bad news.
Why We Shouldn’t Let the Passive Investing Rise
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Passive investing is when you simply buy an index fund or exchanged traded funds. The fees are lower and this strategy tends to outperform many active managers. And because the market has been on such a hot streak recently, many active managers have been left in the dust. 

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