Housing market
Why Australian Property Can Go MUCH Higher
By |
Terence Duffy explains exactly where Aussie property is in the 18-year cycle…why those predicting a crash this year will be proven wrong again…and why Phil Anderson will likely be proven right once more…
Janet Yellen’s Shadow Banking Crisis
By |
We sounded the alarm bells last week. We believe the US Federal Reserve won’t raise rates next month... find out why
The Market is Worried and With Good Reason
By |
Given The Donald is no shrinking violet and plays by his own rule book, the market is worried. And with a good reason. The fall of Donald Trump will be every bit as spectacular to watch as the market’s historic collapse.
The Looming June Stock Market Correction
By |
Global stock markets haven’t experienced a 10–15% correction for 18 months. We’re overdue for another one (the Aussie stock market included).
US Stocks Are Disastrously Overvalued
By |
Unless you’re playing the game of ‘greater fool’ — buying in hope that someone's willing to pay more — the only reason to buy stocks is for the earnings.
Tax Freedom Day
By |
Tax Freedom Day marks the day on which Australians, as a nation, are finally free from the government's relentless cash grab. Meaning for the rest of the year you're actually…at long last…working for yourself.
A Conflict of Interest to Bank On
By |
The big banks are up in arms about now being tax collectors. On the ladder of loathing, banks are only a rung higher than politicians.
Ambushed by Originarios
By |
Now, almost every large property in the valley is for sale. But there are no buyers. No investors. Who would want to take on so much trouble…and so much risk? Progress here has slowed down. In one of the poorest parts of South America, people are getting poorer.
Mark Ford’s Advice to Millennials
By |
Mark Ford offers some advice to young people about doing ‘good’ in business, including 10 ‘commandments’ they (and you) should abide by.
An Amazingly Simple Investing Strategy
By |
Bonner & Partners analyst Chris Mayer, discovered an amazing strategy. It’s such a simple a strategy and yet works so well…
fine gold Bullion
Why Gold Could Bounce to US$1,280
By |
Gold bugs are finally celebrating. Following a 3-week bloodbath, the yellow metal jumped higher last week. It’s trading at US$1,231 per ounce this morning.
Where to Put Your Money Now
By |
Now we find ourselves making money. What to do with it? Stocks? Bonds? Cash? Gold? Real estate? Let’s back up and work through the choices…
Putting Beggars Out of Business
By |
You won’t be surprised to hear that Australia is well on its way to becoming a cashless society. But it might shock you to learn how far we’ve already come.
Why Gold Bulls Are Laughing…
By |
Gold bulls are laughing. The yellow metal surged about $30 per ounce over the past week, trading at US$1,256.80 at time of writing.
From Peak Oil to the Electric Age
By |
We were supposed to run out of oil eventually. They called it peak oil. But it will never happen now. At least not how you expected. Introducing... the Electric Age.
The Knives Come Out for Trump
By |
The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 370 points, Treasuries rallied the most since July and volatility spiked higher as the turmoil surrounding the Trump administration roiled financial markets around the globe.
How the Elites Betrayed Working-Class America
By |
After accounting for inflation, the American worker has not had a significant raise in 40 years — almost since the new money system was put into place after 1971.
Trump Can’t ‘Prime the Pump’
By |
The trouble is economies are not machines. There is no pump. And governments can’t prime a pump with water they don’t have.
NVIDIA Steps It Up a Notch
By |
In the past 12 months, its share price has almost quadrupled. Since 9 May the share price has increased 22%, from US$102.94 to US$126.50 a share.

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