Amazon stock market
The End of Amazon’s Bull Run
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When it comes to Amazon, Inc. [NASDAQ:AMZN], there are two types of people: the lovers and the haters. For the lovers, Amazon is their online shopping overlord…for the haters, it’s just another hyped-up and overpriced tech stock.
The US Shale Industry Hoax
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What if US shale — the very commodity that was supposed to make the US energy independent — is nothing more than a hoax? And what if drillers have in fact been pumping away drilling at the ‘low hanging fruit’?
Burst your bubble
Are Bonds in a Bubble?
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Of course, you could simply hold on until maturity, and see whether there’s a decline in bond prices. But for the immediate future, it looks as if the best returns remain in the stock market.
REITs investing
Why It Is No Time to Be Dumping REITs
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REITs enable investors to own a slice of some of the biggest commercial properties. An investor gains exposure to the property market without all the hassles that come with being a property owner.
Oil and gold stock market
What the Gold-Oil Ratio Is Telling You
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On Monday, BlueScope Steel Ltd [ASX:BSL] fell 21%! In one day, nearly three months’ worth of gains were wiped out.  As the old saying goes, stocks rise by the escalator and go down via the elevator.
Why I’m Sticking with Gold…
By |
Cryptocurrencies are not an investment. And not yet a convenient or reliable form of money. They are still just an experiment. A work in progress. Early adopters could get rich…or get wiped out.
Where the Old Gods Went
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If bitcoin or one of its rivals turns out to be the 21st-century wampum that proponents suggest, early adopters could become very rich. If they don’t perform as expected, on the other hand, late arrivals will lose money.
Why Bitcoin Soars
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And yet bitcoin…as money…is more real than the dollar. Like other real things, it is a prisoner of time.
Nickel investing
The ‘Fortescue of Nickel’
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I’ve found what could be the next FMG; albeit the nickel version. Many people laughed at me for recommending this stock to readers. But that’s their loss. The stock is up nearly 100% from a few weeks ago...
Fire and Fury? Markets Don’t Care
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That’s how much the S&P/ASX 200, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nikkei 225 fell respectively on Thursday on the back of Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ tweets in relation to North Korea.
Signs of a Bullish Move for Oil
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Like commodities in general, oil made a bottom in early 2016. But after rallying strongly, it peaked in early 2017 and has been trending lower ever since.
Donald Trump US Economy
Deep State First
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Yesterday, Donald Trump, president of all the Americans, said his country would spend more blood and money trying to force the Afghans to do what it wants them to do, whatever that is.
Trump Takes a Beating
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In professional wrestling, scriptwriters always include what they call a ‘Holy Sh*t!’ moment. Donald J Trump, a wrasslin’ fan, took a ‘Holy Sh*t!’ blow on Tuesday.

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