Recession in 2017 — Yes or No?
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We worked that out years ago. But they’re now focused on creating their own wealth, rather than waiting for the next recession, if indeed if actually happens. It certainly won’t happen this year.
The Critical Price Level for Gold
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The volatile gold price has caused more than a few headaches. Without a sustained break higher, investors are becoming disenfranchised towards gold.
Employment Data is Fake News
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As a reliable economic indicator, the employment data is all but useless. Yet, upbeat May data is supposedly allaying concerns about an economic downturn.
Investors Have Become Brain Dead
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Until recently, investors spent some time getting to know businesses and then made a decision about which was most likely to do best.
Illinois: America’s First Failed State
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Illinois is in trouble. It has $14.6billion in unpaid bills, not including a pension liability of $130billion, and the state is running a $6billion deficit.
How Vegans Could Pre-empt the Sugar Tax
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Higher taxes are never the answer. And even without government incentives, there are great opportunities for businesses to capitalise on the changing attitudes towards food.
The Analyst Who Cried ‘Crash’
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Sure, Aussies know we have a property problem. But that’s not going to crash our banking system today.
‘Our Dollar, Your Problem…’
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This complex web of financial and economic links have the potential to unleash black swan events at any time. These are events no one expects until they happen. But they will happen.
There’s More to Options than Shares
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If you’ve taken a look at options before, chances are it’s only been in relation to shares. That’s not surprising. Most of information concentrates on them.
How to Build Your Own Junior Gold ETF — Part 2
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Remember, you aren’t the legal owner of your ETF units. Most ETFs, especially international, aren’t CHESS sponsored. The units aren’t recorded in your name.
Why Gold Could Bounce to US$1,280
By |
Gold bugs are finally celebrating. Following a 3-week bloodbath, the yellow metal jumped higher last week. It’s trading at US$1,231 per ounce this morning.
Your Cash is No Good Here
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When was the last time you dropped over $10,000 in cash? If you’re like me, it’s probably not a weekly, or even yearly, experience.
The Crypto Boom: Bitcoin at $10,000?
By |
What I don't know about crypto currencies includes most of what could be known on the subject. But I'm surrounded by enthusiasts.
Why Bitcoin’s Success Is Important
By |
Bitcoin has been making headlines globally over the last week. And for good reason. Why is it's success important? Find out
Janet Yellen’s Shadow Banking Crisis
By |
We sounded the alarm bells last week. We believe the US Federal Reserve won’t raise rates next month... find out why
From Peak Oil to the Electric Age
By |
We were supposed to run out of oil eventually. They called it peak oil. But it will never happen now. At least not how you expected. Introducing... the Electric Age.
Tech Stocks: The FAANGs Get a Toothache
By |
It’s no surprise that US investment banks have come up with an acronym for high-flying tech stocks that have led the current bull market: FAANGs.
The Children Are Revolting
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In politics, the word revolting takes on two meanings. Theresa May probably loathes the youth. Whereas Jeremy Corbyn tapped into millennial discontent.

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