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How Have We Let Things Get So Bad?

The sound of popping bubbles won’t just be coming from overly-inflated asset prices finding their pin. Those who live in the bubble world of inflated self-worth and an over-estimation of their contribution to society, may…

Why House Prices Could Be Doomed this Year

Summer is almost gone here in Southern Spain. As we wrote yesterday, we have taken a break to travel to Andalucia in Southern Spain. Last weekend, tourists were packing up their cars and suitcases to return home. Kids were getting ready for school. Holidays are over. It’s time to get back to reality…and things aren’t … Read More

The End of The Economy Growth Delusion

Every quarter we’re told ‘our economy has grown’, is as a public declaration of another three months of over-indulgence. I believe the day of reckoning on this period of recklessness is coming much faster than…

Australian Banks Have a Problem

Higher mortgage rates will mean that households face higher mortgage costs, which could decrease savings growth even more. Higher rates with no wage growth could also mean that borrowers applying for new loans face higher…

Bellamy Share Price Falls (Again) by 6.35%

Shares of Bellamy’s Australia Ltd [ASX:BAL] have fallen sharply in value by 6.35% today, sitting at $16.82 at time of writing. Bellamy’s, an Australian owned producer of organic baby formula and other dairy products, has benefited recently from the rising popularity of exporting baby formula to China. What’s behind Bellamy’s rise and fall? As one … Read More

A Trend to Watch

Last week, 14 African nations met in a forum in Harare, Zimbabwe. Members of the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and South Africa (MEFMI) generally agreed that they should be including the Chinese…

Bitcoin to Zero?

Bitcoin could very well not exist in 100 years…but, so what? Throughout history many currencies have gone bust. Some even in a relatively short period.

Why Explaurum Jumped Today

At the time of writing, shares of Explaurum Ltd [ASX:EXU] are up by 41.89% at time of writing to 10.5 cents per share. Explaurum Ltd received a takeover offer from Ramelius Resources Limited [ASX:RMS] today.

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