What is Markets & Money?

Markets & Money is an e-letter we send out six days a week with our best ideas and analysis of what’s happening in the financial markets. We bring you a wide variety of viewpoints from different investment analysts, each with their own area of expertise. We try to bring you unique and useful investment ideas for your benefit.

We do our best to bring you an alternative view to allow you to take control of your finances, and your life. We’re completely independent, with no links to brokers, banks, financial firms, advertisers or anyone else. There are no third parties to please…except you, our reader.

Hey, why don’t the editors always agree with each other?

There’s something you need to know about us. We have a libertarian approach and celebrate free speech and ideas. That applies to our investment analysis too.

Each editor enjoys complete editorial freedom to tell you what they think you need to know. Then they tell you the reasons why they have drawn a particular conclusion.

If they disagree with another editor, so be it. That’s a healthy thing. After all, would you prefer they stayed silent on something they disagreed with and kept you in the dark about it?

Some people aren’t comfortable with this. They want to be told what to think and do. Don’t be one of them. In markets, you always have to consider why you might be wrong. None of us have a crystal ball.

For every buyer in the market, there is a seller. There are always two sides to every trade. Markets have always worked like that, and always will.

Who should I listen to, then?

At some point you are going to have to decide which argument and strategy makes the most sense to you, and act on it.

What topics does Markets & Money cover?

We’re a little bit different to your standard finance site. We like to dip into history and politics and literature. Our job is to explore what’s happening behind and beyond the obvious headlines. The markets, like the world, are a fascinating place. But both punish sloppy and shallow thinking. You’ll find articles about gold, stock markets and Australian property, but also ones from our debonair founder Bill Bonner depicting his travels in Argentina, Nicaragua and Europe.

Why should I subscribe to Markets & Money email?

Each day we give you at least two easy-to-read articles that show you, in our opinion, the most important news affecting your wealth. Save your time and don’t bother reading the financial press. Let us do the work for you. We’ll tell you what you need to know. If you’re like most Markets & Money readers, you won’t want to miss an issue!

Occasionally we’ll also send you investment reports, briefings, white paper research, analysis, and ideas to grow your wealth. Website-only readers miss out on this bonus material.

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How do I subscribe to Markets & Money?

That’s simple, you just follow this link, type in your email address and click the submit button. You’ll receive a welcome email confirmation shortly after, and you’ll start receiving your Markets & Money email each day, usually within 24 hours.

Can I unsubscribe to Markets & Money email?

We are always sorry to see people go. But we know the Markets & Money is not for everyone. At the bottom of each Markets & Money email is an unsubscribe link. You can do so at any time, with no hard feelings.

Will you share my email with anyone?

No. We will never share or sell your email address to external parties. The only emails that we send to you will be sent direct from Markets & Money.

Tell me again who is behind Markets and Money?

Markets & Money is published by Port Phillip Publishing, an independent financial publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. Our parent company is Agora Inc., one of the world’s largest independent financial publishers. As an Australian financial services licence holder we are subject to Financial Services regulations and laws.

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