About Jason Stevenson

Jason Stevenson is Markets and Money’s resource analyst. He shares over a decade’s worth of investing and trading experience across resource stocks and commodity futures and options.

He originally studied accounting and finance at Curtin University, where he was awarded a first-class honours degree. His professional background stems across high-net-worth, top tier accounting (corporate finance, tax and auditing), and sell-side equities research. Before joining the team at Markets and Money, Jason worked at boutique firms which advised fund managers and high-net-worth clients on where to invest.

Whether it’s gold, crude oil, copper or an obscure metal like vanadium, you can rely on an in-depth analysis in Markets and Money. Jason also brings you extensive macro, political and geopolitical analysis from around the world. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to telling the truth.

Jason is the lead analyst for Resource Speculator — Australia’s largest independent resource investment advisory newsletter. Resource Speculator readers receive the latest in-depth analysis on commodities and the stock tips on how to profit. Jason’s readers often get into the best resource stocks in the hottest sectors, long before the mainstream catches onto the story.

Jason is also the lead analyst of Gold Stock Trader, a premium service for investors serious about precious metal stocks.

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Why You Should Buy Copper Stocks Now Before the Next Global War

With global tensions rising by the day, there’s a good chance the world’s heading towards another war. Copper is arguably more important than any other metal when it comes to military applications. It’s a vital component in ammunition, ships, tanks, helicopters, rifles and thousands of other military supplies.
US stock market correction

The Looming US Stock Market Correction

My view is that we’re well overdue for a stock market correction. There hasn’t been a 10% correction since January 2016. That’s not normal in a healthy bull market. Perhaps the change in trend could have something to do with Trump’s tax bill.
crude oil price dropping

Why Crude Oil’s Run Simply Won’t Last

Crude oil’s definitely had a good run. But, unfortunately, one rally — an impressive one at that — doesn’t make a bull market. Crude oil still isn’t in a bull market. This is a two-year rally, just like many other commodities. I believe, unless a war breaks out in the Middle East, we should still see new lows in the months ahead.
Crude oil industry

Here’s a Free Tip: Crude Oil Stocks

People ask me all the time what stock they should buy. With that in mind, here’s my free tip: Trade with the trend. It makes life so much easier. After months of trading above US$50 per barrel, oil prices have started to surge higher. That’s something we must respect.
bullish gold market

Gold’s War of Words

The yellow metal’s soared 13% this year. Fundamentally, the story for gold hasn’t changed. It has rallied recently on geopolitical threats and a weaker US dollar. The US dollar remains in a downtrend and global tensions, while lessening, are still there.

Forget Bitcoin…Buy Commodities Instead

I believe it’s best to stick with private assets that have stood the test of time: precious metals and commodities. They are less volatile than cryptocurrencies. Historically, commodities have outperformed during all wars. With tensions rising in North Korea and the Middle East, resource stocks are a no-brainer for now in my view.

Why Investing in Resources Stocks Now Can Make You a Fortune

Geopolitical risk is building. Don’t expect low volatility forever. Given the lighter sanctions, volatility is likely to remain low and commodities prices could jump following a negative statement from Kim Jong-un. While the investment banks may not profit from the next commodities surge, you can.
Stock market cobalt

Why Cobalt’s Run Is Done…

It drifted sideways for some time, and is now starting to move slightly higher. Yet, despite lots of mainstream analysts screaming ‘buy’, caution remains the best strategy with cobalt. The market hasn’t been interested in cobalt stocks since February.
Nickel investing

The ‘Fortescue of Nickel’

I’ve found what could be the next FMG; albeit the nickel version. Many people laughed at me for recommending this stock to readers. But that’s their loss. The stock is up nearly 100% from a few weeks ago...