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banking restrictions eased in the US

Why Trump Is Easing Banking Restrictions

Donald Trump campaigned to become US President on conflicting promises about big banks. Some of the populist talk followed Trump into office. But clearly, actions speak louder than words. The steps taken by the new government have been towards pure deregulation. This is how the cycle repeats.
real estate mcdonald's property

The McDonald’s Fortune Founded on Real Estate

The McDonald brothers explained that franchisees find land in a prime position, take out a lease, and borrow funds for construction. Who’d have thought the founder’s success in getting started came not from the sale of burgers but from the value in the land on which the burgers were made?
artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Future Starts Now

Artificial intelligence is by no means a new concept. The term was first coined nearly 60 years ago. But it continues to give the impression that it’s something which will happen in the future. China wants to be at the forefront of this rapid growth now, and it’s already made a step in the right direction.
Chinese infrastructure - Shanghai Highway

Chinese Infrastructure Is Ready to Rival the Ancients

President Xi has called it ‘the project of the century.’ The initiative is motivated by a desire to boost economic growth in both China and nearby countries. This will provide a growing market for trade. It’s the largest overseas investment plan ever launched by a single country. According to ratings agency Fitch, US$900 billion of projects are planned or under construction.
goldilocks economy

Growth to Continue in a Goldilocks Environment

The world’s biggest bond fund believes we’re in a Goldilocks environment. And they think the trend will persist throughout 2018. This paints a rosy picture of the global economy and now the world’s biggest central bank agrees.
You’re Wrong — Here’s Why…

You’re Wrong — Here’s Why…

What if everything you thought you knew about markets is wrong? Unfortunately, that’s the case with most people who trust mainstream economists and financial media ‘commenters-for-hire’, according to Phil Anderson.
Housing market

Why Australian Property Can Go MUCH Higher

Terence Duffy explains exactly where Aussie property is in the 18-year cycle…why those predicting a crash this year will be proven wrong again…and why Phil Anderson will likely be proven right once more…