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We make sense of the latest moves in interest rates, the credit cycle, the Aussie dollar and trade figures, to see how they affect the value of all your assets.

Should you invest in Australian housing or are you better off in Australian stocks? And if it’s stocks, what areas of the Australian share market should you focus on? You’ll also discover the common misconceptions in the mainstream that often lead investors to put their money in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Australian Economy News, as it comes

To stay up to date with the most profitable industries and companies the Aussie economy has on offer, and the ones you should avoid, read more below…

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The Other Great Bubble
Barely a day goes by without yet another call for the great Australian property ‘bubble’ to burst. Of course, not everyone thinks it’s a bubble. They’ll happily cite all those who have been wrong so far. And even if the …
Tax Freedom Day
Tax Freedom Day marks the day on which Australians, as a nation, are finally free from the government's relentless cash grab. Meaning for the rest of the year you're actually…at long last…working for yourself.
The ASX at 20,000?
The ASX at 20,000? It’s a crazy headline, we know. Crazier still, we left out the most important detail…that it could reach that level in just four years!
Labouring Under Debt
In theory, there should be a lot of happy union campers dancing in the streets at today’s Labour Day march. But is the union movement ever happy?
Hands holding a piggy bank and a house model
An Ode to Bankers
So, rather than directing another tired invective at the Reserve Bank, today’s Markets & Money is playing the devil’s advocate.